10 High Paying Jobs You Haven’t Considered

Some degrees you’ll want won’t get you anywhere, based on monetary gain – which is fine, if that’s what you desire – but if you’re looking for higher paying jobs, here are some that you might not have considered. Granted, they all have their pros and cons; just as any other job – but nonetheless, you probably haven’t given them much thought. I know I haven’t.

The highest paying public employees by state. (photo by nordique)

The highest paying public employees by state. (photo by nordique)

#1. Crime Scene Cleaner

I don’t doubt that these people make a lot of money. Who wants to clean up bloody messes? Who wants to spend their days around crime scenes? I can’t even imagine how stressful this job is. Ugh.

#2. Funeral Directors

Apparently there’s a big gap between older and newer funeral directors. Which means there will be more of a demand for this job in the future.

#3. Land Surveyor

Land Surveyors, also known as Geomatic Engineers will have no problem finding jobs in the future, because like funeral directors – there’s a big age gap between the older and newer ones. Also – you can work towards a six figure income once you get a professional license.

#4. Mining Engineer

I’m not sure what this job entails but I’m sure it’s a bit dangerous – which probably calls for a larger wage anyway. Truffleshufflegoonie off of Reddit has been quoted to have said:

I signed on to a $100k salary including bonus and benefits straight out of my bachelors degree at 23 for a job that had me moving across the planet (Canada to Australia.) …The year I graduated we finished school in May and 80 percent of my graduating class had jobs lined up already and the remainder found jobs by the end of July.”

#5. Hearing Aid Practitioners

It makes sense – there’s going to be a larger demand for this as the age of Baby Boomers are all growing older.

#6. Yacht Attendant

You can be a yacht attendant without a college degree. Although I doubt it pays a lot, it does in other ways. For example, you’d get a free room and then be able to travel the world for free.

#7. Tower Technician

I imagine this job is also very dangerous, but someone’s got to do it. They make roughly 60-70K a year. Probably a better occupation for someone who likes travelling, heights, and working outdoors. I couldn’t imagine doing it in the Florida heat.

#8.  Physician Assistant

This one might take a little while to get to (two to two and a half years post grad work) – but if you love helping people and want to feel like you’re really making an impact – this might be the job you’ll want to consider.

#9. EBay Seller

EBay is a great site for online shopping. It’s where I’m going to get a lot of my Christmas shopping done. One guy, under the pseudo-name golfkent on Reddit, says that he’s a college drop out who makes roughly 70,000$ a year selling clothes and shoes from thrift stores.

#10. Blacksmith

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that jobs like blacksmithing will be in higher demand in the future. It’s a skill many people don’t have and a degree many people don’t possess. Both probably contribute to the lucrative pay – as well as the labor involved.

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