10 Ways to Cut the Calories

As you all probably know by now (if you’ve been reading this blog for any sort of amount of time) – I am a bit of a fitness nut. Fitness is something that should start in childhood and end when your life does. In past articles, I have talked about the importance of exercise and even gave you some college-ready recipes that you can use to benefit in your fitness journey. Now, I’ve compiled a list of ways to cut the calories that you probably didn’t think of. So, if you’re going over your daily caloric limit, you may want to take a few of these tips and implement them to get to where you want to be.

Cut calories in unexpected, but practical ways! (photo by Moyan_Brenn)

Cut calories in unexpected, but practical ways! (photo by Moyan_Brenn)

#1. Only use the bottom slice of bread in sandwiches.

The top slice, alone, will add roughly one hundred calories to your sandwich of choice.

#2. Or you can cut out your starch completely by using lettuce as a wrap for all of your sandwich fillings.

#3. Craving pizza? Instead, try lightly broiling pita bread on both sides, then layering a teaspoon of hummus and putting diced peppers on top. Or you know, since it is a pizza – you can put whatever you want on it! One whole “pita pizza” should equal to around 250-400 calories depending on what you put on it.

#4. Always get water.

This one may seem hard to grasp for those of you addicted to caffeine. Whether it be through sugary soda products, or perhaps coffee, maybe even tea – these are ways to add calories without even noticing. It may take a while to get used to, but not only will your body thank you – the scale will as well.

#5. Instead of mayonnaise, opt for fresh avocado as a spread.

Mayonnaise, which is at the core, made from an egg, olive oil, vinegar or lemon juice, is not exactly the most healthy spread you could choose. However, avocado can be used as a spread that needs no ingredient nor emulsification. And it’s healthier.

#6. Before lunch and dinner, have a cup of low calorie soup.

It’ll help to fill you up before your meal, and your leftovers for the next day will thank you.

#7. Want to substitute sugar? Opt for agave nectar, which is sweet, not as thick as honey, and healthier for you than sugar!

#8. Or if you want to substitute flour in your baking, opt for ground black beans. The flavor will not change!

#9. Stay away from nuts!

Nuts are like the natural chip. You don’t really stop eating them if they’re available to you and are in your hands. If you’re craving them, opt for two handfuls of shelled pistachios. Not only will it take time to get them out of their shells, but two handfuls is roughly 150 calories.

#10. And remember, always eat protein at every meal as to keep yourself full. This can either be in the form of nuts, beans, or meats. Obviously, it is better to go for the beans or meats than the nuts – but regardless, all are good sources of protein.

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