13 Fun Tourism & Hospitality Blogs

Working in the tourism and hospitality industry has its ups and downs. Seasons bring in all kinds of travelers, and you can never know quite what to expect. However, if you’re following some of the greatest hoteliers, tourism management teams and hospitality blogs, you surely have an idea of what to expect and how to handle all sorts of situations. You can even learn how to better market your events and services to all types of people along the way. These are some of the picks for hospitality and tourism professionals.

1. HospitalityNet

If you’re a hotelier, this is the best blog for you on the net. With a daily newsletter that hits on topics like current news in the hospitality industry to customer service tips for typical and wild occasions, there’s a little bit of something for everyone in this blog.

2. eHospitality Times
Lots of information packed into feature stories that touch on tourism, marketing and customer service. Whether you’re a business professional, marketer, worker at a hotel or HR rep, even hotel chefs, you can learn a thing or two from the experts found at eHospitalityTimes.

3. Tnooz.com
This blog is a little more specific but all too helpful in today’s rapidly growing technological universe. Tnooz.com focuses on updates and opinions of how technology is changing the travel industry. Hoteliers will love this blog because it will help you learn how to incorporate different popular technology with what consumers are looking for when they travel and look for in trendy hotels.

4. TravelOregon.com
TravelOregon.com is a top pick as an example of a tourism site. This site truly tries to show off all that you can find and do in Oregon, and it’s something that every hotel, cruise, amusement park or event marketer can appreciate. With brilliantly listed categories, useful information, tons of links and lots of interesting images, this site will truly make you want to visit Oregon in a heartbeat.

5. InsideVancouver.com
This is another top tourism blog example that you should try to emulate with your own site. This is a locally run blog that gives an “inside look” into Vancouver, offering up stories, opinions and useful information to visitors. The layout is incredibly modern and also offers a video section that includes photo essays. Photography really sells the idea of visiting Vancouver.

6. Cruise Blog
The cruise blog is an all inclusive site that offers visitors information on different cruise ships, destinations, cruise lines and cruise deals. The blog focuses more on personal insights of cruises around the world as well as videos of different cruise ships and events.

7. Hotel Check-In
Hotel Check-In is run by Barbara De Lollis on USA Today. Mainly geared towards business travel and current developments in the hotel industry, it’s also a resource for hotel deals and entertainment that’s related to hotels. Guest posts are also written by CEOs and other senior execs from hotels around the world.

8. Hotelchatter
Hotelchatter is published by SFO Media, owned by Conde Nast. Visitors love this site for its hotel reviews that include on-location posts and photos. New hotel openings are often listed here and receive a full review from writers. This is a great way to improve your own hotel and pick up on the current trends for marketing new hotels.

9. Hotel News Now
Smith Travel Research started the blog HNN to help report on the global hotel industry. There is a bevy of data and insight as well as constant tracking of the latest reports from hotels all over the world. The blog’s real gem is that the Managing Director, President and CEO of STR write frequently on current topics.

10. Carnival’s Senior Cruise Director’s Blog
John Heald is an entertainer, which clearly comes through in his blog about his cruise adventures on the Carnival Cruise line. As the Senior Cruise Director, he knows a thing or two about how to market events and just get people’s interest on the daily events happening all over Carnival. With interesting posts on popular topics related to cruise culture and videos that show off things like Panal Canal Crossing and other beautiful places across the world, you’ll love Heald’s sense of humor and panache.

11. Frommer’s Blog
Frommer’s is known as one of the best places to look for information on destinations, hotels and trip ideas. It’s also the place where Arthur Frommer speaks online through the Frommer’s blog. He has a very unique viewpoint on tourism and speaks on political as well as hotel trends on a global scale. Learn about the latest attractions, new hotels, airplane tourism and all sorts of trends happening within the industry on a daily basis.

12. Uwishunu.com
VisitPhily.com’s blog is the inside look into Philadelphia. With daily updated posts, lots of links, things to do and a few deals along the way, you can see why so many visitors will find this blog truly inventive and useful for planning a trip to Philadelphia.

13. HotelMarketingStrategies.com
Josiah Mackenzie writes about all kinds of interesting and innovative ways to create a better guest experience at your hotel. With videos, how-to guides and opinions on the latest changes within the hotel and tourism industry, you can see why so many people love this blog and follow Mackenzie on Twitter.

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