16 Awesome Economics Blogs

Economics analyze every aspect of goods and services, so it’s important to know exactly what these studies stay and mean. Whether economics is your field of expertise or not, economics blogs can help make sure you are knowledgeable and prepared for the economic repercussions of things happening around the world. Listed below are a few of the best blogs to keep you well informed on this important subject.

1.) Conversable Economist

Author, lecturer, and managing editor Timothy Taylor brings a well balanced approach of necessary technical jargon and the corresponding explanations in laymen’s terms. With helpful graphs and well laid out thoughts, everyone is sure to get something helpful from this blog.

2.) Free Exchange

Bloggers from The Economist bring valuable information to the table, along with helpful links and quotes from other insightful players. The main focus of the blog is on the worldwide economy and things to look for in order to help you capitalize on upswings in trends.

3.) vox

Focused mainly on the EU economy, but utilizing American economists, this is a blog to keep an eye on to be informed on how things in the EU might effect your local economy. The varying opinions presented will help keep you well rounded on different many different economic strategies being proposed.

4.) Paul Krugman

As a professor of Economics and International Affairs, Paul Krugman brings an educated voice to the blogging world of economics. Topics range from political, to educational, and even an occasional personal post to break up the monotony.

5.) naked capitalism

An overtly political look at economics and the direct correlation the two have with each other. Not for the faint of heart, or those who are afraid to have their views challenged and stretched.

6.) Economix

Economix, the economics blog from the New York Times, brings a nice mix of both topics and bloggers. Focusing on how economics affects every day life, this is a great blog for those looking for common sense advice.

7.) Economist’s View

University of Oregon professor, Mark Thomas, keeps an eye on the world of economics and gives you the information he thinks everyone should have. Knowing that he’s not the end all of economic information, he also provides links to blogs and stories from other leading economists.

8.) Environmental Economics

Environmental Economics specifically deals with how economics affect the environment and the economics of companies that deal specifically in that field. Keep up to date on budding enterprises, alternative fuel options, and how this effects the economy.

9.) Freakonomics

Freakonomics takes a look at economics from a completely different view than most economists. With a wide variety of topics rarely talked about anywhere else, this will be the most unique economics blog you could ever read.

10.) Center for Popular Economics

Economics for the common man is the drive for the Center for Popular Economics. Using every day language and explaining how the ever changing world of economics affects individuals, this is a economics blog for all people.

11.) Swift Economics

Covering mostly economics relating to the US, Swift Economics brings a fresh perspective to the world around you. Though lighthearted in tone at times, the serious issues are still handled quite professionally.

12.) Marginal Revolution

Tyler Cowen handles the bulk of the content on Marginal Revolution, discussing the little things that can be done to keep up in the world of economics. A variety of resources are continuously being posted, offering the reader as much help as needed.

13.) Calculated Risk

A top blog now for many years, Calculated Risk spends a lot of time interpreting trends in the economy and helping people make smart decisions. Bill McBride, author of the blog, brings a very well researched point of view that should be appreciated by all who read it.

14.) Economics In Pictures

There are times when all of us would prefer not to have to read to learn the key points; thus, Economics In Pictures. With easy to understand graphs and displays, they offer a much needed relief for those who are spent from reading a copious amount of economic information.

15.) Credit Writedowns

Credite Writedowns is an excellent breakdown of worldwide financial markets combined with a realistic view of the credit crisis. With a large amount of free content and the option to upgrade to Credit Writedowns Pro, there’s something for everyone based on your level of involvement with economics.

16.) The Dismal Scientist

As a part of Economy.com, The Dismal Scientist blog attempts to clear up and explain the tangled web that economics weaves. The majority of posts are videos, making it easy to browse the internet or be away from your computer while listening to valuable information.

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