16/100 TEDxtalk Lessons, Summarized

TEDxtalks have been all of the rage for some several years now;  featuring different speakers in their respective fields, whether that be modeling or in aquaculture Рall of which, giving a lesson for self-benefit.

Now, you can easily learn 100 things through Lifehack, because some guy sat down for some seventy hours and gave us this list:

#1. Change Your Motivation

What makes a person work hard is not the amount of money that they’ll make, but the amount of purpose they feel that they have. What’s funny is they actually taught us this concept in church – except the purpose was an equal amount, given by Jesus Christ.

#2. +1 Your Productivity

Sometimes I like to think I’m punny. I said +1 as a reference to video games – which apparently is, despite popular belief, a way to make yourself more productive.

#3. Production x Happiness

Productivity doesn’t make you happier; happiness makes you more productive.

#4. Attention!

Attention: You don’t have as much attention to give as you think you do. Your attention is easily manipulated by new data and forgotten memories.

#5. Innovation

Innovation isn’t an epiphany; it’s a slow process. Ah, maybe that’s what I’ve been doing wrong this whole time.

#6. Be Memorable

Being memorable is as simple as paying attention to detail. Most people do big things correctly, so it’s the smaller things that really grab someone’s attention.

#7. Love in Three Parts

Love doesn’t just happen as one simultaneous creature – that is, unless you were active in creating it. You apparently love in three parts: lust, romantic love, and attachment.

#8. If People are Happy, More Work Gets Done

It’s not a brand new concept; people work more efficiently when they’re happy. You might profit more from it.

#9. The Office is Counterproductive

No one thinks that the office is the best place to get work done.

#10. Taking Breaks isn’t Counterproductive

According to Sagmeister, taking time off reinvigorates and makes you come up with better ideas.

#11. It’s Not the Action, It’s the Reasoning

Great leaders don’t just simply do – they constantly remind themselves of the bigger picture – the “why?”

#12. Success has Eight Parts

…And they are: “passion, hard work, focus, pushing yourself and others, having great ideas, making constant improvements, serving others, and persistence.”

#13. Creative Failure is the Key

…To becoming more productive and successful.

#14. The Real Reason to Fear Failure

Fearing failure is normal, like the pressure you may feel from potentially failing your Chemistry class, but the reason behind it may not be what you think. Instead of loss of money or status being the reason for fear, it’s fear of ridicule and judgment that holds us back.

#15. Grit is the Key to Success

IQs aren’t the indicators of success; grit is.

#16. Looking Past Friday Night

It’s hard for younger people to look into the future, but if you want to make better decisions – think about how those very choices will affect yourself in the future.

Although this article isn’t long enough to complete all one hundred, I have linked the posted in the beginning of the article so you can continue reading.

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