17 Best Business Law Blogs

A career in business law allows people to work two sides of the coin. Whether you’re into corporate or international business law, there are a ton of sites out there claiming to offer the best information. However, only a handful of these business law blogs and writers actually know what they’re talking about. Here are some the top faves in the business and corporate law world, as well as some others to drive your interest.

1. The Corporate Counsel Blog
If you want to know about the latest legal rulings, current business news and legislation changes, tune into this corporate lawyer blog, written for those who currently work in corporate law.

2. The Wall Street Journal Law Blog
Many business law experts already ready read the Wall Street Journal but if you’re not tuning into the blog, you’re missing out on some invaluable information. Corporate law professionals get the latest on all legal business topics.

3. Corporate Finance Blog
While finance laws might not be your thing, it always helps to know more about a topic that challenges many businesses and may even help you land more clients. It’s also an interesting read if you just love corporate news.

4. Profit and Law
This is a golden nugget for business law reads. You’ll find a ton of different articles relating to business topics, new mergers, confidentiality agreements and much more.

5. Daniel J. Ryan
This business law insider talks about a variety of legal advice topics for those just getting into business to those who currently have been working in business law for several years. Ryan teaches new things and touches on the current topics surrounding business law.

6. Business Law Post
Arina Shulga is a current business law attorney working in New York who tackles some of the most current topics happening in the world of business law, whether local or across the continents.

7. The Corporate Library
Great business lawyers know that it’s about research. Find out all you ever wanted to know about risk analysis, governance research and other reports from this incredible informative resource.

8. The Conglomerate
Economics, law, business and more are covered in this do-it-all essential blog for business lawyers. Current news and opinion topics are a favorite for this blog from the industry’s biggest movers and shakers.

9. The Glass Hammer
This is a blog dedicated to the advancement and popularity of business law for women. Not only are the topics current and invariably insightful, but there’s also a social community, resources, event listings and jobs. While geared towards women, it’s a great blog for both sexes.

10. The Race to the Bottom
This is a current law blog run by some of the most notable business lawyers and business law professors. Much of the contributors used to run the popular Business Law Professor’s blog and transitioned to Race to the Bottom last year. Topics cover all kinds of corporate and business law topics, including the latest news on securities, economics, business agreements, fraud and more.

11. Corporate Governance
Daily updated with the latest and opinion topics on some of the most controversial topics in business and corporate law, you can find a variety of different topics touched upon by the business law experts at Corporate Governance.

12. The D and O Diary
Written by Kevin LaCroix, this blog provides commentary on the latest in corporate law and international business specifically on directors and officers liability.

13. SEC Actions
As the name suggests, this blog follows the SEC very closely, touching upon all the current topics and providing commentary for the major issues facing SEC litigators.

14. Reverse Merger and SPAC Blog
Following the markets and business law topics, you can find the writers here from Richardson and Patel out of Los Angeles talking about a variety of different issues mostly ranging from politics to economics.

15. China Law Blog
Many of today’s business is global, whether businesses know it or not. Understanding China law has become a major focus for bigger corporations and global businesses. This is the quintessential blog for that purpose.

16. International Economic Law and Policy Blog
A newer blog with a very specific interest focus, the International Economic Law and Policy blog touches upon industries and world topics in business ranging from everything from international pricing to publishing and much more.

17. Quora
While not directly related to law, many times Quora answers business law questions from some of the top experts in the game. Check out the latest question and answer sessions or search for topics.

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