17 Best Liberal Arts Blogs

Living in a society perpetually driven by the all-mighty dollar and a desire to get-rich-quick, it’s easy to forget that the most creative and inspiring careers out there are held by liberal arts majors. That being said, a commitment to this course of study prepares one not directly for the job market, but for the ability to think intellectually, and most importantly, think differently. In college, the actual term “liberal arts” refers to gaining a general knowledge of all things pertaining to human ideas throughout a wide and complex range of areas including, but not limited to, philosophy, mathematics, science, literature, history, and the performing arts.

Whether or not you are a liberal arts student, the internet helps to provide a little extra education outside the campus. Here is a list of well-known and lesser-known blogs that students and non-students alike may find worthwhile. Please take into consideration that this is only a very basic list in no specific order, and there is much more to be explored within the liberal arts online.

1. Pyschology Today Blogs – This popular resource for articles, covering just about every aspect of psychology from leading practioners and experts, provides a great general knowledge of the field in today’s world. Each blog listed is dedicated to a different issue and can be informative, but equally entertaining.

2. New York Times ArtsBeat – Despite being a leading global newspaper, this blog from the New York Times is still one of the most accesible for staying up-to-date with current arts and culture.

3. Page-Turner – This prestige book blog from The New Yorker takes an unconventional stance at popular literature, providing unique criticism and reviews of todays best contemporary reads.

4. Politico – A must-see blog written for political science junkies and curious citizens by a team of nonpartisan journalists with a goal to provide an honest viewpoint into the workings of American politics.

5. Leiter Reports: A Philosophy Blog – Many of the smartest college professors from all around like to provide their own blogs for both academic and leisurely purposes – and Brian Leiter is one of them. His personal blog that revolves around philosophy and law has become one of the most visited sites the field has to offer, and never fails to be highly thought-provoking.

6. Big Think Blogs – With subjects ranging from the mystery of the mind to quantum mechanics to current social problems, it’s hard to go wrong with the bloggers on Big Think, a popular site providing information for the everyman with an intellectual itch.

7. Los Angeles Times Culture Monster – Like the New York Times, the popular arts blog for the LA Times is essential for catching up on the latest cultural developments with emphasis on the performing arts and fine arts. Students focused on the humanities will gain largely from this.

8. MoMa Inside/Out – Visual art, and modern art in specific, plays an important role in the study of liberal arts. This joint newsletter and blog provided by the The Museum of Modern Art in New York is a fantastic source of information for both inside and outside the museum.

9. NPR Science Friday – Less a blog than an actual radio program, veteran science journalist Ira Flatow hosts this weekly educational talk show about scientific issues in relation to current world news, and aims to find ways to solve them.

10. The Fix – Another essential political science blog from Washington Post columnist Chris Cillizza takes an unbiased approach to political problems facing the nation with focus on Senate, Congressional, and presidential election campaigns that affect everyone.

11. Scientific American: Observations – The editors and reporters of the popular science magazine Scientific American present insightful and well-balanced opinions on current general science topics in America.

12. Bookslut – Hosted by the off-beat book critic, Jessa Crispin, this fast-growing blog delves deep into literary criticism from a casual, but serious, readers perspective and invites students of the written word to gain a thing or two.

13. ArtsJournal – Unlike more mainstream art and culture sites, this blog provides top-notch journalism in the entire art world, and works wonders as a resource for students most interested in the field of fine arts and beyond.

14. Talking Philosophy – Bringing up unrecognized questions in the world of academic philosophy is this blog’s forte. Launched by two editors of The Philosophers’ Magazine, the idea is to create an enjoyable and readable learning format for students of philosophy.

15. Art History – Even serious students of art history need a blog of some kind, and this independant one delivers a plethora of information spanning many periods of art, as well as providing a glimpse into overlooked gallerys and museums across the globe.

16. The Guardian Books Blog – If you don’t consider yourself a big literature nut, this UK book review site may quickly convert you to one. The blog allows people to get an insight of the world through a keen reader’s eye.

17. Math-Blog – This small blog is the best example of a resource geared toward those liberal arts students who have their eyes set on a career based in mathematics. Helpful links and concise articles providing an essential understanding of the importance of learning math are included and highly recommended.

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