17 Best Public Relations Blogs

Few careers provide an opportunity to combine a passion for writing with a knack for communicating ideas effectively and an enthusiasm for an ever-changing work environment. One such career is that of the public relations specialist. Sometimes confused with marketing by outsiders and described as “the care and feeding of reporters” by insiders, public relations is the business of informing and persuading the public by the hundreds, thousands or millions through newspapers, radio, television and, increasingly, social media. Regardless of where they work, all public relations specialists rely on up-to-the-minute information in order to remain effective. The demand for information that matches the speed of their fast-paced environment has sparked a host of public relations blogs to supplement traditional trade journals.

There are blogs for every public relations specialty and no shortage of “best of” lists for each. That said, certain blogs are recommended time and again and they top the list here.

1) Brian Solis

Brian Solis brings much more than public relations expertise to the table. As a digital analyst, sociologist, futurist and author, he is a recognized expert in new media.

2) PR Squared

Written by Todd Defren of SHIFT Communications, PR Squared focuses on public relations and social media marketing. He wrote about the role of social media in public relations and marketing before it was cool.

3) A Shel of My Former Self

Shel Holtz writes about issues that arise where public relations and marketing intersect with technology. He examines why and how a particular strategy, such as real-time marketing, is effective or falls short of the desired goal.

4) Dave Fleet

In his own words, Dave Fleet addresses “communications, public relations, marketing and social media, and the areas where those topics intersect.” He digs deep into the topic of how to scale social media for effective outreach.

5) Communications Conversations

Arik Hanson of ACH Communications addresses the ways digital communications are used most effectively to promote relevance and growth for clients both large and small. His blog has been called an industry leader by Journalistics, PR Web and PR Week.

6) O’Dwyer’s PR Blog

New York-based O’Dwyer’s PR Blog covers the inside news of public relations and marketing. From PR firms to corporate communications, there is something of interest for all public relations specialist here.

7) PR Daily

An excellent resource, PR Daily sifts through all the top stories of the day and presents them in a digest format. This is especially useful for busy professionals.

8) PRNewser

PRNewser is a feature of the popular website Media Bistro. The blog helps readers keep tabs on the latest PR developments in news, pop culture, research and events.

9) Influential Marketing Blog

Rohit Bhargava is head of the Influential Marketing Group and author the blog. He describes his focus as “bringing humanity back to business” and stresses a “concierge approach” in dealing with clients.

10) aimClear Blog

Praised by industry insiders, aimClear Blog is a resource for those involved in search engine marketing as in-house employees, as well as advertising agency and public relations professionals. Numerous awards and clients scattered across the globe lend credibility to their advice.

11) Top Rank Online Marketing Blog

The focus of Top Rank Online Marketing Blog is search engine optimization, social media and content marketing and online public relations. It provides helpful articles for businesses looking for ways to increase their online visibility.

12) The B2B PR Blog

Heather Baker manages the B2B PR Blog and describes it as a resource for both business-to-business commerce and public relations professionals. The advice provided here has earned B2B a reputation as one of the best in this PR specialty.

13) B2B Bliss Blog

The articles found here are written by the professionals of Bliss Integrated Communications and address issues relevant to B2B commerce and public relations. They cover everything from changing workplace culture to the importance of accurate communication as it relates to medical records.

14) Bad Pitch Blog

This blog is essential reading for public relations professionals. Here they not only dissect media mistakes, but teach PR personnel how to avoid them.

15) Spin Sucks

Spin Sucks is hailed as one of the best all-around resources for public relations and marketing professionals. Gini Dietrich and the other staff writers consistently deliver helpful, interesting content, as well as a steady stream of guest posts.

16) Beyond the Hype

Lois Paul and Partners created this blog to demonstrate how to do public relations right. They discuss new developments, best practices and how to avoid the stereotype of PR hack.

17) ComPRehension

ComPRehension is a blog about best practices and effective strategies produced by the members of the Public Relations Society of America. The valuable information found here is recommended reading for all public relations professionals.

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