17 Interesting Theology Blogs

Theology, by definition, is the study of the Bible. The Bible is filled with many themes, topics, and directions, so studying it can seem overwhelming for many people who are wanting to go further with their knowledge of God. There are many views that claim to be right, and many others that will simply point out how the other views aren’t true. Finding out what to believe for yourself is a lifelong task, and is one that will require quite a bit of assistance if you are serious in your conquest. Below are 17 very different theology blogs that will help keep theology interesting, and also help you find answers to your questions.

1.) The Gospel Coalition

The Gospel Coalition, known as TGC, aims to bring a gospel centered view to whatever subject they are writing about. With a large collective of authors to pull from, the content is always fresh and diverse, especially for those of the reformed persuasion.

2.) God’s Politics

God’s Politics, brought to you by Jim Wallis and friends, discusses exactly what the blog’s title infers: God’s view of politics. Taking topics directly from the headlines and long debated viewpoints in relation to Christians and politics, they attempt to answer how God would feel about a wide variety of political issues.

3.) Whiskey Preacher

The Whiskey Preacher, also known as Phil Shepherd, takes an in-your-face approach to theology; pushing the boundaries of orthodox Christian thought and challenging the reader to really examine their beliefs in correlation with the Bible and society. The Whiskey Preacher is not for the easily offended.

4.) The Blogging Parson

Michael Jensen, a teacher of Christian Doctrine at Moore College in Sydney, touches on topics that range from ethics to literature, but always from a theological perspective. Well studied in Catholic and Evangelical views, he’s sure to be something for anyone seeking the learn the intricacies of both branches.

5.) Strawberry-Rhubarb Theology

Starting as a blog about theology through the eyes of college student, Strawberry-Rhubarb Theology is brought to you by that same man who is now a husband and father of three. Along with discussions of every day issues a Christian faces, there are also musical posts that help break up the monotony of text heavy theological blogs.

6.) Helm’s Deep

Paul Helm, a Teaching Fellow at Regent College, delves into the philosophical side of theology, giving the reader a very in-depth, thorough presentation of different theologians and theological topics. Prepare for a long, but worthwhile read when checking out this blog.

7.) Why Faith?

Questions are a reality that all of us encounter in life, but especially when wading the waters of theology and the search for God. “Why Faith?” does a good job of giving multiple answers to common and uncommon questions alike.

8.) The Christian Journey

The whole goal of this blog is to help you grow your relationship with God, and encourage you to present a proper view of God to others through your lifestyle. On occasion the posts are videos posted from other teachers which will give your eyes a rest from reading tiny words on the internet.

9.) Rachel Held Evans

Author Rachel Held Evans brings a female perspective to the world of theology, oftentimes geared specifically towards other women. Topics range from social justice to proper Biblical living.

10.) The Rev

The Rev, John Jensen, is a voice from the Emerging Church; a movement that briefly flirted with controversy. Not afraid to voice his strong opinions, you get a peek into the life of a self proclaimed Christian Anarchist.

11.) Being Ryan Byrd

An edgy, fashionable, current look at the new free-thinking brand of Christianity. Ryan Byrd does not shy away from disagreeing with people, even those who he normally agrees with.

12.) Stand To Reason Blog

The Stand To Reason Blog is a look at how law affects theology. Legal issues are given a thorough investigation in how they relate to Christian beliefs, and there is discussion of how each should affect the other.

13.) Prophets of Culture

Cultural theology tackles the issues that are often ignored by mainstream Christianity. With clear thoughts and well written points, Prophets of Culture analyses our culture through a Biblical lens.

14.) The Sacred Page

The Sacred Page is a hub for everything that has to do with Catholic theology. Three Catholic professors compile topics and postings that will be sure to help any Catholic grow in their faith.

15.) Christ and Pop Culture

Christ and Pop Culture allows the reader to get answers for how to respond to the popular issues we all face from day to day. Whether music, movies, or popular preachers, advice is given to Christians on how to deal with what society presents to us.

16.) Rightly Dividing the Word

Rightly Dividing the Word is the place to find reviews of theological texts. The reviewers will also respond to other reviews and criticisms of their work, and the works of those that they review.

17.) NT Resources

NT Resources is not only where you will find resources to help you decipher the New Testament, but is also a resource in and of itself. This is one to bookmark and come back to frequently when in need for a resource to help you study that New Testament topic properly.

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