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Communications is a complex business degree that covers topics like writing, advertising, and media. As smartphones become increasingly popular, communications majors are also finding that they need to understand computer code. Obviously, to stay ahead of the competition, having a wealth of information that is specifically geared towards communication majors is important. Whether you are exploring the degree for the first time or have decades of experience managing your own firm, the following 18 communications blogs will give you all of the knowledge you need to stay current.

1.) Poynter

Are you looking for the latest headlines for public relations professionals? Most people in the communications profession are busy making press releases, but this media wire has news about press release making.

2.) The Communications Blog

Geared toward professors, this blog has all the latest news for professional development. If there is an upcoming conference in the communications world, you will hear about it on this blog first.

3.) Media Matters

Are you concerned about the influence of conservative politics in the media that you present? Addressing this angle is a research institute that filters through today’s headlines for its readers.

4.) Ad Age

When you make your communications career in advertising, you want to have the scoop on all of the top commercials. To boot, this blog also has commentary from professionals in the business.

5.) Rich Tehrani’s Blog

The world of communications currently holds one person in the spotlight that is known for combining technology in the field of communications. Anyone that considers advertising with smartphones will want to check with this blog first.

6.) Public Affairs Jobs

Finding top-paying careers in the communications field can be difficult if you do not know where to look. Fielding multiple websites, this regularly updated blog will help you find your next job.

7.) Federal Communications Committee

No matter which angle you choose in the communications world, if work is done in the United States, the FCC gets the final say. For this reason, professionals need to stay in regular contact with this federal blog.

8.) Journalistics

Despite the fact that visual tactics have reigned supreme since the invention of the television, the Internet is asking communications majors to write more. Addressing those interludes is a blog that specifically focuses on public relations in journalism.

9.) PR Squared

Distributing a press release has changed significantly over the past decade. In order to stay in touch with the hottest places to position your release, this website does their own reviews of each one.

10.) Social Media Explorer

As technology changes, so are the tactics needed by advertisers and communications professionals. Thankfully, the social media writers at this resource make analyzing your latest strategy easier.

11.) Top Rank Blog

Are you looking for ways to place advertising effectively? Finding all the hot spots to funnel your sponsorship dollars is the goal of this digital media review blog.

12.) CRTT Buzz Bin

When you invite the public into a business, presentation is everything. Gathering all of the latest information on marketing, food, wine and galas is one author with a passion for the perfect corporate gathering.

13.) Corporate Eye

Working with corporations is a science in and of itself. However, this webpage attempts to help readers effectively merge the worlds of sales and marketing.

14.) Ad Rants

Today, advertisers are actively working with Facebook fan pages to address potential consumers. In order to have the latest information about the best status updates, consult this blog first.

15.) Media Bistro

Appealing to advertisers, writers and communications majors, this blog is indispensable. All of the latest announcements are posted several times a day and include jobs, interviews and industry headlines.

16.) CJR

Although it is affiliated with a university, this webpage is a crucial resource for anyone making a career in communications. In particular, they have several online guides that ensure published works are of high quality.

17.) PRSA

The Public Relations Society of America takes their work seriously and provides helpful advice for communications majors at any stage of their career. Whether you are just getting started or simply need a refresher course, this is the place to get educated outside of the university.

18.) Pan Communications

Digital media is dominating the communications world and this is taking companies global. To make sure your company stays current, make this blog part of your professional reading.

The need for communications majors will be present as long as businesses need advertisers. Far beyond the days of print and television advertising, the Internet has expanded this reality in ways no one ever imagined. Regardless, you can always depend on other communications majors to get the information out into the world.

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