18 of the Best E-Business Blogs

As the internet was introduced into and then integrated into every aspect of our lives, E-Business went beyond being just a niche, and has proven itself as a viable option for anyone willing to put in the work. While following many of the same rules as regular business models, e-business, also known as e-commerce, has created new rules that apply specifically to its field. To help you stay informed on the latest trends and strategies, below are some of the top E-Business blogs, listed in no particular order.

1.) The Ecommerce Blog

For those who don’t have the money to seek out professional advice on how to make your e-business successful, The Ecommerce Blog presents invaluable information on various topics. From necessary hardware to opinion based pieces on what not to do, this is a must read blog for small e-business owners.

2.) Shopify

The Shopify blog has five categories that their posts fall under, and their easily accessible interface helps you narrow it down to the information you are seeking. Eye pleasing graphics and news on the latest trends make this a favorite blog for e-business owners everywhere.

3.) The Chatter

One of the most successful e-business ventures ever is eBay. Their blog, The Chatter, explores their own world; but even those not involved in that market can glean from their strategies and tips that will help throughout the world of e-commerce.

4.) Get Elastic

Making the claim of being the “#1 Subscribed Ecommerce Blog”, Get Elastic is clearly doing something right. Infographics and helpful tips can be found with a simple scroll through of the blog, while the tool bar located at the top of the site will help you search the site effectively.

5.) invesp

Focusing on Conversion Rate Optimization, the invesp blog will help you find ways to connect with visitors and turn them into customers. With Conversion Optimization being one of the more technical aspects of e-business, most will find the graphs and charts on this blog immensely helpful.

6.) Blue Acorn

With the goal being to stretch the mind of the reader, the Blue Acorn e-commerce blog covers a wide selection of topics. They also take into account the suggestions and feedback from the reader, making it one of the most interactive blogs found on e-business.

7.) E-Commerce Law

One of the most important parts of any business is to make sure that you are following all applicable laws, and the E-Commerce Law blog makes sure you’re doing just that. They also offer helpful tips for lawyers and law firms involved with customers that have an e-business.

8.) Groove Commerce

Technology is always changing and improving, so it’s necessary to stay on top of it. Groove Commerce helps you do that, while offering tips and strategies ranging from optimizing your email lists to SEO models proven to work.

9.) GrokDotCom

Whether you’re just starting your e-business or you’ve been involved since e-commerce has existed, GrokDotCom and FutureNow want to help you with your market optimization. Social media strategies are prevalent, helping you stay relevant with those ever evolving platforms.

10.) Shop.org Blog

As a popular e-business site itself, Shop.org’s blog brings invaluable experience to the table. Gain wisdom and understanding from a site that knows what they’re talking about.

11.) Retail Ecommerce Blog

The myriad topics covered on the Retail Ecommerce Blog will give you well rounded advice on how to make your e-business successful. There are a large number of tips for improving your social media skills, for those who are looking to improve in that area.

12.) Exciting Commerce

The future of e-commerce is the sole focus of Exciting Commerce. They lay out the latest trends and forecast where e-business is headed, helping you decide which strategy is best for your business.

13.) E-Commerce Times

With a newspaper style layout, the E-Commerce Times helps mix up the often bland look of blogs while still providing quality content. From security to trends, any e-business owner will be able to find something worthwhile on this blog.

14.) ColderICE

Tech and social media drive the content of ColderICE. A user friendly interface makes tracking down the information you need easy as can be.

15.) Comparison Engines

Opinion based content on what has and hasn’t worked for many online retailers fill the pages of Comparison Engines. Take advantage of the archived content ranging all the way back to 2005.

16.) Jesper Astrom

Jesper Astrom brings an edgy, sometimes outlandish look at the world of digital marketing. Thinking outside of the box will help give your e-business an edge on the competition.

17.) Building Keystones

View e-commerce from a different angle with Building Keystones. Headed up by Craig Vodnik and Elan Sherbill, two successful e-commerce professionals, the reader of this blog will get focused, proven content to help their e-business thrive.

18.) Video Commerce

Video Commerce explores and explains the importance of video in relation to e-commerce. The tips on video integration will greatly increase the traffic and profitability of your e-business.

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