20 Best Risk Management Blogs

Different blogs on the same subject can be strikingly different from each other in the way they approach the subject as well as the subtopics on which they focus. This is especially true for a broad topic such as risk management, which can be divided into sources of risk, what can be avoided, the technology used and so on. The top twenty risk management blogs will be described below.

1) ClearRisk

ClearRisk is a business that works to produce risk management applications. They have recently been granted the Hubspot Inbound Marketing Success Story of the Year Award.

2) Masters in Risk Management

Masters in Risk Management is devoted to degrees in the risk management field.

3) Risk Management Monitor

Risk Management Monitor is the official blog of the magazine Risk Management. Its latest post is on fighting “showrooming.”

4) Causal Capital

Causal Capital is by risk framework architect Martin Davies. He has worked with several banks of the highest tier in Southeast Asia.

5) Calculated Risk

Calculated Risk is the blog name for author Bill McBride, who has served in that position since 2005. Anyone who wants to follow an economics blog should choose this one.

6) Xenomorph

Xenomorph</a> is devoted largely to analytics and data management. There has been a post on the value of “big data” to risk management.

7) Innovation of Risk

Innovation of Risk is an Australian-based blog. Its author has been working in internal audit as well as in risk management.

8) Risk Reward Limited

Various aspects of risk management are discussed here. The company delivers its services to banks and other financial institutions directly.

9) RiskCzar

The author of this blog has a reputation for simplifying risk management concepts. And he does so by using examples from his many years of experience.

10) RiskCenter

RiskCenter is targeted specifically towards those professionals who make their living managing risks. An information filter is present to save viewers from making tedious search for the news that they want.

11) ERM Coach

ERM Coach is about enterprise risk management. Members can get advice on formulating ERM processes specifically for their companies.

12) Risk Garven

Risk Garven is Professor of Finance and Insurance at Baylor University. He has also written numerous books and articles on the subject, including the Journal of Financial Services Research.

13) Chris McClean’s Blog

Chris McClean serves security and risk professionals. He has posted a thread on what has changed since 2009.

14) Corporate Governance & Risk Management Blog

This is a blog offered by the CIBC Centre for Corporate Governance and Risk Management at the Segal Graduate Business School of Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. It emphasizes “international issues and current challenges facing corporate governance and risk management of the financial system.”

15) Open Pages

Open Pages provides solutions for global companies. It is maintained by IBM.

16) Operational Risk Management

Operational Risk Management is when a project fails due to some inadequacy in human resources or elsewhere. Legal risk is subsumed under this category.

17) Risk and Safety Blog

The main object of this blog is to provide insights on risks in various industrial sectors, including health, finance, energy and chemical processing. Only those who have an account may view this blog.

18) Risk Management at Business Exchange

Risk Management at Business Exchange is a branch of the Business Exchange company. Its blog posts deal with the latest news on what steps companies are taking to minimize their risks and costs.

19) Small Business Blog from Atlantic Canada

Small Business Blog from Atlantic Canada, whose motto is “innovative solutions to complex business problems,” is the perfect place to go for those who have just started out in business — or, as they themselves often like to say, are “in the trenches.” One of its latest posts is titled “Importance of Kanban work-in-progress (WIP) limits,” which makes the analogy between software development and “phantom” traffic jams.

20) The Clear Risk Blog

The Clear Risk Blog is maintained by the company of that name, which makes tools for risk management and planning. One of these tools is ClearRisk Manager, a software program designed to help reduce the number of accidents and improve performance in the insurance market.

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