20 Things We Have Yet To Learn

As we grow up, we’re going to start realizing that there’s a whole world that we don’t know. This world is accordingly the real one, most likely considering the fact that once we understand this stuff, we will never go back to the days where we received an allowance, where we don’t have to do our own grocery shopping, and where we don’t have to do our own taxes. These are all things that adults do that young adults don’t necessarily have to do yet. And yes, although we are growing up and transitioning into adulthood – let’s just take a moment to review things that real adults do that we frankly have no clue about.

And no, watching adult swim does not make you more refined. (photo by rotokirby)

And no, watching adult swim does not make you more refined. (photo by rotokirby)

1. Baby birthing or true monetary pet ownership
2. Have a laundry schedule (we go by if we have clean underwear or not)
3. Be responsible enough to actually use our savings accounts (but we really wanted to go out that night!)
4. This one is taken from thoughtcatalog, since I thought it was too funny: “Stay in hotels on vacation instead of your friend’s cool floor.”
5. Actually go to sleep. (Literally, it’s only unbearable to have little to no sleep when you have school or work. Otherwise, sleep is for the weak!)
6. This one was also taken from thoughtcatalog: “Ask their dads for a favor without using a baby voice.”
7. Oh, and this one: “Keep important documents in a file cabinet/not throw them away in a feng shui attack.”
8. Cross-stitch, scrapbook, or something that’s crafty but also takes a ridiculous amount of free time.
9. Say, “I’m too tired, not tonight, honey.”
10. Sneaking out doesn’t exist in adulthood.
11. Fast food joints every social outing will kill you.
12. Losing weight isn’t necessarily cosmetic, it could actually be for health purposes.
13. The house is not going to clean itself (and yes, those “diet” sodas that are unhealthy for you are going to pile up on your kitchen counter if you don’t take care of it!)
14. Pop culture becomes cool when you’re an adult. (I’m drowning in the mainstream while someone is playing “Cry Me a River” in the background of my slow demise.)
15. Use Credit cards responsible so as to increase our credit scores, so we can make real purchases like…
16. Buying a home.
17. We can’t spend the entire day at the mall, or pool hopping, or the movies and it be okay.
18. Sometimes, modest truly is hottest. (My generation can’t seem to stop paying 50$ for a pair of shorts that covers one butt cheek.)
19. Speaking of fashion, my generation has also yet to realize that everywhere is not an appropriate place to wear 5″ tall heels. (If it’s questionable, you wear it to the club!)
20. And most importantly, we have yet to learn that is okay to be a kid. Because even though we’re legally adults at 18, we don’t know much of the world. We still act like the children we have been our entire lives. And there is nothing wrong with that.

We will learn in due time.

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