21 Writing Blogs Worth Reading

Writing has multiple implications and is therefore highly subjective. A simple definition would be that writing is communication in textual form comprised of grammatical and syntactical structures. That is too easy. On a more complex level, writing reflects the individual voice, one that shares a set of views and feelings regarding life and the world. In this sense, writing is an integral and valuable part of the human condition.

For this reason, writing blogs abound and continue to grow in number. Writers constantly seek out a means to express themselves in interesting and more effective ways. In the digital age of current times, the Internet is an ideal venue for them to do that.

The following writing blogs by no means comprise an exhaustive list, but they provide writers and other readers something unique and relevant with regard to personal and professional growth.

1) WordPlay

Veteran K.M. Weiland is on a mission to “help writers become authors” through theme and genre exploration and style/grammar development. Her blog offers a workshop for writers to interact and earn from one another.

2) The Bookshelf Muse

Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi discuss many intriguing content issues involved in writing and show how writers can most effectively engage readers. Guest spots illustrate examples of this and how such considerations lead to success.

3) Word Count

Professional blogger Michelle Rafter features a variety of subject matter on research tips, word count issues and pay rates. She shows freelancers how they can survive in the real world of freelance writing by paying attention to the details.

4) Academia-Research

This blog showcases many aspects of academia from essay writing development to job searching. College students and those preparing for college will find this blog useful.

5) Daily Writing Tips

A host of professional editors and writers offer specialization in writing for all occasions, including freelance writing issues, grammar, research practices and content/style development. The blog appears geared for the more experienced writer.

6) The Artist’s Road

Patrick Ross dedicates his blog to a plethora of subjects that include creativity, education, science and philosophy. He provides everything from guest spots to contests as a means of engaging writers to help them find success through personal reflection, networking and professional exposure.

7) The Write Practice

Joe Bunting focuses on writing development through a balance of the technical and philosophy, with discussions on grammar and syntax along with feature articles on personal application. He even offers a class for skill enhancement.

8) Courage 2 Create

Ollin Morales is all about the inner-writer and how a writer’s motivation should come from inside. Personal reflection and a well-established individual philosophy allow a writer to go far.

9) About Freelance Writing

Anne Wayman shares her insight from personal experience as a means of engaging freelance writers and preparing them for success by making them aware of the many critical issues involved in the industry. Her blog features articles, guest spots, coaching, job listings, reviews and a weekly newsletter.

10) ContempoResume

Megan Koehler is a member of Career Directors International and a Certified Advanced Resume Writer. She provides insight and assistance in resume writing, cover letters and network profiling to those who want to develop and market themselves as serious professionals.

11) Jane Friedman

Literary editor Jan Friedman offers advice and insight regarding writing, modes and practices of publishing in the digital age and a weekly newsletter. Her blog highlights information on e-publishing services, author platforms, blogging and other resources for writer exposure.

12) Writers Beware!

Published writer Victoria Strauss commits to exposing frauds and delineating other pitfalls in publishing. Her blog offers writers direction regarding publishing options, specifically what they should do and should not do.

13) Angela Booth’s Writing Blog

Angela booth’s blog covers many areas of writing but specializes in publishing and writer marketing. Her articles deal with both the joys and the sorrows of the writer’s life, so the insight offers writers a valuable look into the real world of writing as a profession.

14) Writer Unboxed

Theresa Walsh and Kathleen Bolton started the blog as a means of providing a forum for the writing “voice.” Writer Unboxed features writers who contribute with individual and collaborative insights regarding their thoughts on writing, which include book reviews, personal-perspective articles on approaches to writing, life experiences, advice, tips and words of encouragement.

15) Make a Living Writing

Carole Tice takes the practical approach in her blog and gets to the crux of writing as a career—making money. This seasoned freelancer offers strategies, advice and up-to-date information to struggling freelancers who want to increase their income and become lucratively successful at their craft.

16) Wordserve Water Cooler

This group of agented writers provides insights through everyday interests that include history, culture, art, movies, books and reading, blogging and other personal experiences. To them, writing has a connection to everything else, and so inspiration and guidance comes through observing and interacting with the surrounding world.

17) Rachelle Gardner

Rachelle Gardner talks about networking through online social media. She offers strategies and advice that provide writers a fresh and healthy perspective regarding self-promotion, manuscript preparation and presentation, forming professional relationships and learning from failure.

18) Terribleminds

Novelist and screenwriter Chuck Wendig writes about how the maddening world around him channels through his writing. This is a “life-and-the-world-inspires-your-writing” blog, but with an interesting and refreshing twist that writers will find intriguing, entertaining and motivational.

19) Inky Girl

Published writer and illustrator Debbie Ridpath Ohi writes for young audiences and shares her insights, experiences and successes. Her blog features interviews with other published writers, along with an archive of her comic strips and an online store for those interested in purchasing her artwork.

20) How Poetry Happens

Brian Brodeur’s blog features the poetry of established writers and discusses what inspires poetry as well as how poets compose their work. This is one of THE poetry blogs for aspiring poets to read for both inspiration and direction.

21) The Writers Alley

This contributing blog features many writers who describe writing processes in simple bulleted form, discuss various marketing strategies and offer advice and tips for the beginning writers, especially aspiring novelists. The writers present their information here in a simple, easygoing and engaging fashion so readers can easily understand and absorb it without feeling intimidated while still enjoying the read.

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