25 Reasons to Be Thankful For School

We complain a lot about our time in school. I mean, it only seems appropriate – we don’t learn very much, we don’t really like the people we’re in school with, and in other countries, people are going to college at the age of sixteen – not eighteen or nineteen! Through all of the complaints and pouting that we post about on social media – we should be thankful we have the opportunity to receive a higher education – or even an education at all. Here’s twenty-five reasons to be thankful that you’re in school.

With Thanksgiving being today, it's important to remember to be thankful even for the tedious things. (photo by Terren in Virginia)

With Thanksgiving being today, it’s important to remember to be thankful even for the tedious things. (photo by Terren in Virginia)

#1. It’s the best surefire way to have a better future.

#2. We’re not couch potatoes because of school.

#3. Without having a set schedule, our bodies would hate us. School gives us what we may not have without.

#4. Our student IDs gets us free stuff sometimes.

#5. We’re allowed to be on our parent’s healthcare until we finish school, which is nice.

#6. This is me personally: I would hate if I wasn’t being mentally challenged at any point in my life. (I’ve always been a workaholic.)

#7. It’s another way to socialize with people.

#8. College isn’t meant for everyone; so if you survive, consider yourself lucky – even though it’s the cultural norm in our society.

#9. Three words: breaks and weekends.

#10. Public education is exactly what it says: free to the public.

#11. It allows for some students to have meals, which they may not otherwise receive at home.

#12. Sometimes, teachers are the only positive role models in a student’s life.

#13. Sometimes, those teachers become mentors to those students, who trust them with everything.

#14. Working in school prepares us for working in the real world, someday.

#15. Low education links to high poverty – we are a very fortunate nation.

#16. Your teachers are severely underpaid; yet they still come through, everyday. Many of them, for you.

#17. School gives you opportunity to grow interests, like through agricultural clubs and business organizations.

#18. Campus life is unlike any other lifestyle.

#19. New found independence may be something you have at your college. Maybe not for high school students, but don’t worry – you’ll have the opportunity to go there as well!

#20. Another one for college: you don’t have the stupid drama that came with your high school years.

#21. Every year is a new start – meeting new people, exploring new subjects, and finding or defining a better you.

#22. School pride will stick with you even if you graduate. Whether it be high school or college, there’s a little light inside of you that will say “GO [insert name of school or mascot here]!”

#23. Free events. Like student concerts or theatrical performances.

#24. My bank account allows me to have 0$ in checking through it’s student program, which believe it or not, happens more often than I’d like to admit.

#25. I have time to focus on health and fitness – which is one of the biggest passions of my life. I know this personal time will be harder to come by as I grow older.

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