5 Things You Should Do To Make Yourself Fitter

It’s Summertime, students. That means it’s time to hit the beach and the pool. That means it’s time for girls to frantically diet and try the latest fads to look their best in their two piece swimsuits that are becoming more and more intimate-like! Unfortunately, fads never work as well as truly taking care of your body in life in entirety. And yes, although you may not have the start, you may complete the finish. With all of that being said, here are eight things you should do to make yourself fitter!

Summertime - a time for play and feeling comfortable with your body! (photo by summer goes on)

Summertime – a time for play and feeling comfortable with your body! (photo by summer goes on)

#1. Design Your Diet

Taken from here, there are six questions that you should personally write down yourself (I suggest buying a fitness notebook or diary, to both annotate upon your diet and your exercise and everything in between) to “personalize your plan.” Here are the questions:

  • Do you prefer to eat three, five, or eight meals a day? Divide calories accordingly. 
  • How much time will you devote to food preparation?
  • What time of support would you need, and how much of it would you require?
  • Do you love to dine out?
  • Will you require a daily treat to feel satisfied?
  • How much exercise can you reasonably do?

#2. Figure Out How Many Calories You Should Intake

What are your goals weight wise? Truly, it is only safe to at maximum lose two pounds per week. This means that you would, at the end of the week, take in 1000 less than what you normally do – which can be a mixture of both calories lost by exercise and calories taken in. WebMD has this beautiful tool that tells you what they recommend for you to do based upon your information (ie. gender, height, weight, age.) Remember to take into account if it tells you the pre-exercise or post-exercise calories you’re allotted!

#3. “Train Like Your Stronger, Fitter Evil-Twin is Plotting to Kill You.”

Self explanatory. Found the quote via internet – there’s so many different posts on it, one can not simply attribute credit where credit is due!

#4. Eat Clean.

This one is the simplest but perhaps the most difficult tip I could give you. Eating clean means to go for the “cleanest” or purest version of the food. This means limited processed foods – which means no pink slush that McDonald’s sells as nuggets, and a limitation on frozen foods (I attempt to stay away from both, except for the frozen vegetables section!) For example, that swap from apple toaster pastries, to applesauce, to just a plain apple can make a world of difference. Actually, in that particularly example, probably about three hundred calories. Another great example is the switch from flavored instant rice, to white rice, to brown rice.

#5. Look at Motivational Quotes.

When others inspire you, you’re more inclined to follow in their footsteps. The quotes do not even have to be necessarily pertaining to fitness – but you can still use them in application! Check out one of the old quote posts I did a while back here – perhaps something in there will inspire you enough to move and do the previous four!

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