5 Ways You Know You’re Growing Up

Unfortunately, where I’m at, we’ve got roughly six weeks of Summer left. Isn’t that just a miserable statement? Who knew that time would fly so fast this Summer. Granted, it was and will continue to be a wonderful Summer – but it still reminds me that in the Fall I start college. It also reminds me that I’ve recently received my first tangible work schedule. It also reminds me that I can legally be charged as an adult for doing things like trespassing. But that’s not how I know I’m growing up. In fact, that’s the least of my worries. Here are some ways you know you’re growing up.

Growing up just kind of happens. (photo by floodllama)

Growing up just kind of happens. (photo by floodllama)

#1. You start paying for things yourself.

It’s all fine and dandy to spend money when it’s not your own. When you haven’t worked for it. But all of a sudden, when you become a part of the economy’s working force – everything has become unreasonably expensive. And no, it’s not that the prices have skyrocketed. It’s that we’re not used to being responsible for our own dollar.

#2. You start caring about your health.

Fitness should be something that happens naturally – but unfortunately, most of us don’t have that luxury of being in such awesome repetition. For most of us, when you’re about to hit your twenties, you start caring. But not just about how thin you are; you start realizing that you can’t simply down a baker’s dozen of donuts and expect there to be no consequences. You can’t sit in front of the television day in and day out and not expect to have your body show it.

#3. Your body won’t let you sleep in.

No matter if you go to bed at four in the morning (because you’re still young, and your body won’t totally hate you for it!) or not, you still manage to wake up before eight. What this phenomena is is beyond me. But I’ve started to feel it too. The sucky thing is that I personally can not fall asleep if I wake up. The day has begun and I can hate my circadian rhythm but I can’t fight it.

#4. Your closet has changed from less casual to more professional.

Slowly (I assume it would take a year), you notice that your reign of skinny jeans and flip flops has disappeared and now your closet is filled with blazers and high-waisted skirts instead. Not that this is bad! It works! And if you’re anything like me, it’s not that big of a difference because you still use the same beautiful color palette: black.

#5. You realize you must have a filter online.

Because if you take a sick day and you’re tagged in a post that says you went out to that super huge all-day concert, there’s going to be a problem. Because if you take a picture in drunken stupor with a bottle of Smirnoff and it leaks onto the internet, it looks bad. Part of growing up is caring about your image, even behind closed doors.


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