6 Great Blogs about Homeschooling

More people are choosing to home school their children, and because of that there are more resources than ever before for these parents. For on line support, there are literally thousands of blogs and web sites about distance education and home schooling. Here are a few of the best.

These sites provide great resources for your home schooler, photo by jimmiehomeschoolmom

These sites provide great resources for your home schooler, photo by jimmiehomeschoolmom

Home School Math – This is a blog dedicated to “anything that makes teaching math fun” and it backs that up with page after page of pictures, worksheets, puzzles, and math-friendly tricks. There are also many good articles, aimed at helping home school parents better teach the kids, from blogs on core-course standards,and how to recognize a good home schoolmath program.

Guilt Free Home Schooling – Wisdom comes from experience,and Carolyn Morrison has the kind of experience that in invaluable for an informative blog. She home schooled her children for eleven years, from grade schoolthrough college admission. Her blog is very personal, as she uses her experience tohelpother parents make the home school process more rewarding.

Spunky Home School – The blog from this home schooling mother of six is less about the details of teaching your children, and more about the big picture. She discusses (and gives her opinions on) the politics of education, how different laws and bills affect home school and public school, and issues like standardized tests and graduation standards. Having your children in home school is not just studying material, there is another aspect to it, and this blog is great for giving a fresh perspective on some of those issues.

Home SchoolJournal Dot Net – This is the site wide master feed for the largest collection of home school journals on the net. Any one can sign up and start a journal, which is published like a blog, and updated as often as they want. All of the blogs are free to paruse, read, or follow. It’s basically a version of Blog Spot or Tumblr with a focus on the home school experience.

The Informed Parent – This is a great, unique blog, about the legal rights and responsibilites of home school parents. Since laws and rules about home schooling differ from state to state, this site discusses the differences, and tags the posts to make them easy to find. It also covers federal mandates and regulations. A solid amount of good content, and an impressive amount of genuinely helpful links.

Our Montessori Home – The Montesorri approach to education is different from what is accepted as formal education in the United States – it gives children more options and freedom over what they study and how they learn. It fosters independence and creativity, and uses that to get the child enthusastic about learning. This blog gives the perspective of a family using this education approach in their home.

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