6 More Great Educational Games for the Wii

The Nintendo Wii is a gaming console that is so easy to use, and has such a wide variety of games, that it appeals to almost every demographic.  From little children still developing hand-eye coordination to retirees looking to replace the golf course with a virtual golf course, the Wii has a game for everyone.

More great games to build critical thinking skills in children, photo by HighTechDad

More great games to build critical thinking skills in children, photo by HighTechDad

Today I’d like to keep the focus on games for the little ones. Specifically, games with an educational bent.

Jump Start Escape from Adventure Island – Jump Start makes a great series of educational vidoes, using talking animals and colorful animation to teach about numbers and letters. Now they’ve kicked it up a notch,with this fully realized adventure game. The player crash lands on a mysterious island. As they explore the forests, the mountain, and under water, they solve puzzles, play mini games, and collect the parts they need to fix the blimp. A staggering one hundred and fifty games are there to make sure it never gets boring.

Jump Start Pet Rescue – The premise of this game is simple, and will appeal to both boys and girls: you have to find the missing animals. Through out five “worlds” fifty lessons, and twenty activites, children locate the missing animals one at a time by solving games and puzzles involving  pre-reading skills like memory,  hand eye coordination, and creativity.

Endless Ocean: Blue World – Thisb eautifully rendered, full immersion game puts players into the wonders of the ocean. Swim, dive, explore, search for fish, and help injured sea life recover. But that’s only part of this dazzling game. You can also train dolphins, and tandem-dive with other players. There is also an ongoing story line, for when you get bored just swimming around, but that might take a while.

Sesame Street Elmos A-to-Zoo Adventure – Elmo is going to the zoo, and you can come, too. Okay, I’m done sounding like a tv pitch man. Sesame Street is one of the most beloved names in childrens entertainment, with their ability to blend learning and laughter on display for the last few decades. Their game have the same light sensibility. This game focuses entirely on letters, words, and sounds. All that, and they get to explore the zoo, the aquarium, the jungle, and the Arctic.

Sesame Street Cookie’s Counting Carnival – This one is a big favorite at my house hold. Perfect for kids ages four to six (although honestly my kids get bored with it by age six), this game is about Cookie Monster going to the carnival. Players get to wander through the midway, and stop at different booths, games, and rides to perform games, puzzles, and tasks. In this game the focus is all about shapes, colors, and patterns. Simply a fantastic game for young children.

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