7 Great Educational Games for the Wii

Can the Wii be used for anything other than dance games or Mario games? Turns out, its one of the best gaming consoles for educational games aimed at young players. Here are a few of the best.

The Nintendo Wii offers educational games for kids, photo by HighTechDad

The Nintendo Wii offers educational games for kids, photo by HighTechDad

Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree – This is one of the Wii’s most popular educational games, and for good reason. For ages six through twelve (or even higher) this game gives players a rotating series of challenges and games to play, to test out their mental accument. Numbers games, visual recognition games, memory games, and more; the variety is enough to keep even the smallest attention span hooked.

Smarty Pants : Trivia for Everyone – As the title suggests, this isn’t geared towards math or science, but is a general knowledge trivia game. What sets this one apart is that when creating your “mii” the avatar that represents you in the game, you set your age. The game then bases the difficulty of your questions on your age, so grown-ups can play with teen-agers and grade school kids, and everyone has their own level of difficulty.

Wild Earth: African Safari – In this game, a player explores the wide open African terrain and interacts with thirty different species of animals, from elephants and zebras to lions, tigers, frogs, bats, and vultures. But the object of the game is to take pictures, and solve mini-puzzles along the way. The game keeps track of your progress with a pictorial of all the animals you’ve snapped.

World of Zoo – Build your own zoo! Stock it with animals. Work with the animals so they learn to trust you, find out what they like to eat, and what their natural habitats are like. Articles and information from reputable magazine National Geographic.

Science Papa – Go to work as the lab assistant of a crazy and brilliant scientist, who guides you through forty different science experiments. Chemistry, biology, physics, even paleontology, this game lets you sharpen up your science knowledge with some great interactive projects. Make it far enough into the game and you have to compete head-to-head against a rival scientist.

Cosmic Family – Designed with young children in mind, this game bring the plater about an interstellar rocket ship, and the Cosmic family who lives there. While exploring the ship, kids encounter fifteen different mini games, involving such diverse things as planting seeds, brushing teeth, coloring, changing character outfits, and even fly the rocket. Colorful, full of great animation and sound, this is a great game for gettign kids involved.

My Word Coach – With six different game types, three levels of difficulty, and over seventeen thousand words in play, this game was designed with input from linguists, to help players improve their vocabulary and word skills. Match words to definitions, fill in the missing letters, use letter tiles to form your own words, and more. The complaint about this game is that the difficulty increases the more games you win, so after a while it may get too difficult for some children.

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