8 Blogs for Current and Potential Lawyers


By reading blogs for and by lawyers, you may be able to determine if a career in law is right for you (photo courtesy of flickr user OrlandoLawyer).

The following blogs are managed and written by lawyers from across the country. Each provides its own unique insight into the world of law, criminal justice, and politics.

Bag and Baggage

Written by lawyer, Denise Howell, who is based in California, Bag and Baggage provides information on technology, travel, and law. Howell is also a regular contributor to this WEEK in LAW, The American Lawyer, and various online podcasts.

Dave Shearon

By addressing the psychology behind law and crime, Dave Shearon addresses the risks and rewards associated with a career in law. Not just a blogger, but also a motivational speaker, Shearon’s blog, while not very visually appealing, provides information on relationships, leadership, and resilience.

JD Bliss

JD Bliss markets itself as “A Blog For Attorneys Seeking Career Satisfaction, Work/Life Balance and Personal Growth.” The fonder, Joshua Fruchter, is a former bankruptcy lawyer who has now dedicated his career to internet entrepreneurship. His blog, however, contains entries by regular and guest contributors offering advice on job hunting, career changes, and relationships.

Legal Sanity

Legal Sanity states right on its homepage that it provides information on “what clients and lawyers need to know.” Written by Arnie Herz, the blog focuses on empowering clients through knowledge so they can take charge of their legal affairs and find the right lawyer for them. Recent entries discuss President Obama, managing emotions, and the attorney-client relationship.

Minor Wisdom

Raymond P. Ward is a Louisiana appellate lawyer based in New Orleans. His blog focuses on his experience working as a lawyer and addresses the changes in law and the potential for change if/when people decide to take charge. An interesting entry from February 2013 discusses proposed changes the Louisiana Supreme Court Committee drafted based on studies that show nearly 50% of the time jury members do not understand case instructions.

The Juggle

The Juggle is a blog associated with The Wall Street Journal. With various contributors, entries range from How to Negotiate with the Tooth Fairy to managing Your Weight: A Final Frontier. Because entries focus on any and everything related to society and “the norm,” this blog offers its readers an interesting understanding of current events and “the nuclear family” element.

Legal Underground

Evan Schaeffer’s Legal Underground blog was first established in January of 2004. Schaeffer, a writer and lawyer from St. Louis, offers advice to new lawyers and insight into the world of law through the entire site. Since its creation the blog has been the recipient of Blawgie Awards and gained attention from The New York Times and The Economist. Entries focus primarily on the law and lawyers, but occasionally shift to discuss new books, artists, articles, and various other law-less topics.

the [non] billable hour

Matthew Homann’s blog, the [non] billable hour, focuses on developing ideas to change professional practices and provide innovative information for law firms to work more effectively. After nine years of blogging, Horman’s ideas have created quite the stir in the blogosphere.

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