A Balanced College Application

College applications are stressful and nerve wrecking but if you relax and fill it out correctly, you should be fine. Freaking out will make matters more, just give all your information on your high school career and hope for the best. There are so many different kinds of students that people wonder what makes an application the best. There are many tips and ideas but the true key is to show the administration of the college that you are able to spread out your time and be successful in many areas.

Making your application the best representation of you.(Photo credit Stewart Black)

SAT scores or ACT scores are repeatedly emphasized and make students anxious and nervous on test day. Rest well before the test and make sure to have a good breakfast that morning because the test is extremely time consuming and will tire you out. It is good to practice and study but remember that you know more than you realize and all you can do is the best you can. So what is a good score and what will make your application look impressive? There is no exact number they are looking for, the higher the better of course but it really matters on whether it looks like you tried and that you have obtained some knowledge. It is best to take the test of either or both twice because most of the time scores go up quite a lot because you are more familiar with how the test goes and you have had more practice. A college will also like to see that you tried more than once. It shows commitment and determination.

Another common question is on the amount of community service hours to do. You should look at scholarships you may be applying to and seeing around how much they would like and factor that in. Any amount is better than none. It shows that you care more about yourself and your grades, you care about the people around you. It also shows  that you are capable of balancing your time with school and volunteering. Doing at least thirty hours should boost up your application.

We have written so many essays in our lives; however, so many applicants get paranoid over the essay portion of the application. The essay portion is so they can get a preview on who you are and who they are letting in their school. Treat it as any important essay and be honest and unique. Say something or point something out that will be unique. They read thousands of essays so you need to find something that will make them remember you and want to accept you. If you are really scared about it, you could always go to your English teacher or college counselor to look it over and I’m sure they will be more than happy to look it over and give you some advice or commentary.

It has always been a competition on GPAs and although they are important, they are not a crucial factor. Shoot to be in honor court which is at least a 4.0 weighted and that should impress them enough. If you didn’t take AP classes then make sure you unweighted GPA is impressive.

This is a huge educational step but there are counselors, teachers, and your parents to guide you. Make sure to add in every possible detail, focus in school, and relax.

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