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I was watching one of my favorite web-series, The Guild, when one of the characters is introducing herself with the same story line as the TV show Ugly Betty – and I realized that the readers at Distance Learning would probably want to know how to get into the fashion business, in less of a “fairy-tale” fiction show manner. So I scoured the internet, and found this article of particular interest: whowhatwear’s “10 Need To Know Tips For Getting Your Fashion Dream Job.” 

Do what you have to do to get into the field you want to be in. (photo by Justin Hee)

Do what you have to do to get into the field you want to be in. (photo by Justin Hee)

#1. Imagine the whole spectrum that is the fashion industry.

There’s more than the main things people think of; textile design is not the only one! Neither is marketing! Instead, there’s a whole world of different paths to go into in the fashion industry, such as publishing, production, public relations, to prop styling – and those are just some! If you’re a stickler for visual arts and love the way the mannequins are arranged in department stores, perhaps visual merchandising will be your expertise. What about drawing clothes? Maybe fashion illustration is your niche. Obviously, you have to research a bit more than you probably intended to.

#2. Pick targets to dart after.

Basically, the companies you go to to try to get into the fashion industry are going to know whether or not you are in love with their company or perhaps a line that they have. They’re going to see passion in you – and the more, the better!

#3. Remember, just because the industry is a creative one does not mean it’s any less professional.

So you should accommodate with a snazzy cover letter and resume to make yourself look good – perhaps above the other candidates!

#4. Privacy is a bit of a thing of the past.

I’ve stated in other posts that if you do not have social media, employers actually look at you as different – but not in a good way! Your prospective employers are going to Google you. So it’s best to clean up your virtual act – delete those pictures of that night where you played beer pong, and maybe you’ll just land the job!

#5. Internships are a requirement.

Reason being? They, as well as you, get to see the environment and the culture at whatever company you’re trying to squeeze your way into.

#6. And also, do more than what is expected of you.

In any circumstance where you’re trying to get a job, people are going to notice when you go above and beyond. Why? Because it shows a plethora of good characteristics to have, including ambition, drive, and leadership skills.

#7. First impressions are everything.

It’s a fashion company, right? That doesn’t mean go all out and wear your sky high platform shoes. It means to look professional, crisp, and clean, but to also show a bit of your personality. My favorite interview outfit? A light pink blouse that accentuates my waist, a floral cardigan, not-too-skinny-but-still-skinny black pants, and oxfords to go with it.

#8. Knock ’em dead on the interview.

Do your research on the interviewer – it shows enthusiasm and that you actually care about the position/the company.

#9. What does fashion look like to you?

If you don’t have a great resume, you can use other things, such as through a blog or Pinterest boards – really, anything you can do to show your own point of view.

#10. “Thank you!”

It’s common courtesy to thank the interviewer for taking the time out to interview you. You can do this twice and have it still be okay – once when you leave the room, and then again in the form of a note. Remind them you exist and that you’re putting the extra effort in that others aren’t!

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