A Closer Look at Jacksonville State University

Jacksonville State University, in Jacksonville, Alabama, is a growing school with a well reviewed distance education program. With a rich and diverse amount of on-line courses and degree opportunities, Jacksonville State presents some very attractive programs for the distance learner.

With degrees in eleven different disciplines, JSU is nothing if not diverse. From computer sciences, liberal sciences, and business to nursing and public administration, with some deep programs in education and emergency management.

The education school offers the largest number of degree options — Educational Specialist in Community Agency Counseling, Educational Specialist in Instructional Leadership, Educational Specialist in Library Media (P-12), Educational Specialist in School Counseling, Educational Specialist in Teacher Leader, Master of Science in Education in Collaborative K-6, Special Education, Master of Science in Education in Collaborative 6-12, Special Education, Master of Science in Education in Early Childhood Education, Master of Science in Education in Instructional Leadership, Master of Science in Education in Library Media, Master of Science in Education in Physical Education with a Concentration in Human Performance, Master of Science in Education in Physical Education with a Concentration in Nutrition, and Master of Science in Education in Physical Education with a Concentration in Pedagogy.

I recently spoke to a JSU online graduate, who received a Bachelors of Science through their Emergency Management program. It was the reason she chose JSU, and found the curriculum to be satisfactory. It was flexible enough to meet her scheduling needs (which were many, as she was a full time policed dispatcher and a mother of three), and since her chosen field was already in the Emergency Management field she was given a certain amount of college credit for her work experience. She praised the resources the school provides, with its “electronic campus” and online bookstore that can ship anything needed for any class (yes, even including dead frogs to dissect for Biology).

Jacksonville State University is an accredited college, but all of its disciplines are also accredited through different nationally recognized organizations. You can find all their credentials here.

The school is also what is called an iTunes U grant school — something that was entirely new to me. Registered online students of JSU have unlimited access to an educational branch of the iTunes store, allowing them free downloads on lectures and other educational material. It’s an interesting program, and definitely one we will be seeing more of in the future.

Like all respectable distance learning programs, JSU comes with a warning: that the heavy lifting of education will be left to the student. But it also knows the positives of the program, and plays them up — The mission statement for the distance learning program states “Greater flexibility in scheduling provided by distance education courses allows JSU to draw from a pool of students from all areas of society. These courses provide students with the education and tools that they need to reach their goals, whether these goals are professional or personal. Distance education provides an outstanding level of education to everyone, not just to select individuals at strictly delineated times of the day.”

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