A Closer look at Penn Foster

Penn Foster is an on line school that offers a wide range of educational paths for a wide range of people. Instead of specializing in a certain field, Penn Foster is sort of a clearing house for general education. This isn’t a refined degree program, but it is a strong selection of dozens of different degrees and certifications on several different levels.

Get your GED and much more at Penn Foster. photo by Rickpilot_2000

Get your GED and much more at Penn Foster. photo by Rickpilot_2000

First, they offer a GED program, for those students looking to complete their high school education. They then have a broad selection of two year AA or Associate degrees, and then many different certifications in specialized fields and services. Finally, they offer two different Bachelor’s degree programs.

So really, Penn Foster is a school with something for everyone interesting in distance education. And they are accredited and licensed appropriately, both for secondary (high school/ GED),and higher education, as well as been approved for Veterans education benefits. The full list of all of their accreditations can be found here.

Among the many different Associate degrees offered are Veterinary  Technician, PC Maintenance and Technology, Paralegal Studies, Marketing, Interior Design, Medical Assistant, Health Care Management, Human Resources Management, Graphic Design, Industrial Electronics and Electrical Maintenance, Fire Science, Fashion Merchandizing, Finance, Accounting, Engineering Technology, Business Management, Early Childhood Education, Computer Information Systems, Criminal Justice, and Construction Technology.

After completing the Associate degree, students can continue on towards their Bachelors with either a Criminal Justice or a Business Management diploma.

However, another option from Penn Foster is an Undergraduate Certificate. This is a focused group of classes (thirty or thirty one credits worth) meant to give a more thorough understanding of a subject than just the Associates coursework can give. For example, the Undergraduate Certificate in Accounting will help a student prepare for the national certifications required to hold certain jobs in the industry (like CPA Certified Public Accountant or CFM Certified Financial Manager). It also saves a lot of time, rather than taking all the general education courses needed for a degree.

Please remember, a certificate is not the same as a degree. But that doesn’t mean it does not have value, and can’t help your career.

Along those same lines, Penn Foster also offers individual courses. You don’t need to sign up for a full program, just pay for the single course and take it, either to fulfill a requirement somewhere else, or simply for your own personal benefit. These classes include JAVA programming, basic computer skills, art and music appreciation, business math, financial accounting and financial management, and business writing, among others.

One thing I like about Penn Foster is their price transparency. The individual classes, certificates, and programs are all given facts and figure to go with them, so you know how much it will cost, and how long you have to pay it. The school offers payment plans and reduced interest, to help students who want to get the education but can’t pay for it all at once.

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