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..Maybe more than a couple. I’ve stumbled across these sites over the years and the writing is sometimes so resonating that I thought to share it with the general public (or at least the readers here at Distance Learning). Poetry is more than a form of writing, it is a way of expression – to tell a story with multiple meanings, that you can try to dissect but truly, only the writer understands each word, phrase, and punctuation mark. As Oscar Wilde said, “To reveal art and conceal the artist is art’s aim.” Whether it be a beautiful, uplifting poem, or even a serial killer’s dark poetry put on display, poetry is just a means to speak – as if you were mute and this was the only way you could articulate yourself enough.

Poetry is a past time just as any other (photo by chillihead)

Poetry is a past time just as any other (photo by chillihead)

1. Da Write Chick

Going by the names Shivendra, Da Write Chick, and Poetess Oddisee, the woman who writes for this blog is undoubtedly a Christian writer. The way she speaks of humility and grace in her about me reveal to me that she is, among her poems which allude to the presence of a God. Worth checking out if you enjoy uplifting poetry. Personally, she is not one of my favorite poets, just because I don’t believe any writing is good without some darkness put into the mix. Regardless, here is a link to her work.

2. Wordless Whimsy

Going by the name Wordless Whimsy, Lucy states that the entries on her Tumblr blog are merely just warm ups and exercises. Her most recent poem, posted twelve hours ago, is quite beautiful. I will link and quote it below:

Doritos by Wordless Whimsy (Lucy)

I love you even though you said I was stupid,
for falling in love with Doritos,
before you.
Maybe it was the unnatural shade of orange,
(the same colour as my hair),
that nudged at your uneasiness,
Maybe it was because you realised,
I could love what wasn’t,

How absolutely beautiful! Or is it just sweet nothings compiled together? That’s for you to decide – the meaning may mean more to her than it does to the reader. Nonetheless, she found it worth posting, which I enjoy greatly.

3. Deep Underground Poetry

Deep Underground Poetry’s slogan is “The harder side of poetry.” Why? Because here, you can publish and read darker, edgy, and more dirty poems. The poetry website was created in 1999 and offers critique on poetry, as well as lyrics and prose. Basically, they support freedom in writing and want to engage in thought-provoking questions. With several topics such as drugs, upbeat, song lyrics, fictional prose, and even erotic and dark poems, you can find anything here – as well as post anything here. Want to compete for fun? They also have a feature on their website in which you can compete with other writers to win in certain criteria. So far I have seen the competitions, “Make me cry,” and “When I grow up…”

All for the sake of art, am I right?

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