A Guide to Self-Teaching

To save money, I have often taught myself various subjects, including language and music. Some may find that challenge too strenuous and give up in the process. In doing so, they may miss out on a new passion or even an enlightenment to pursue a different career. Regardless, learning information proves to be profitable. Here are some tips to help you teach yourself any subject.

These days, you can teach yourself almost anything. (photo by kevinmarsh)

Tip One: Be Reasonable

If you try to learn too much at once, you will overstimulate yourself, have trouble recalling the information stored, and probably give up. Allow yourself reasonable time to learn a subject and the material presented. You will not learn to speak Spanish in a day, nor will you paint a masterpiece in one. As John Heywood said, “Rome was not built in one day!”

Tip Two: Utilize the Internet

These days, anything can be found online and majority of the time can be free. For example, I used an online game to learn the Korean alphabet. You can learn recipes, graphic design, architecture, etc… For most subject matters, someone has written and posted about it on the internet.

Tip Three: Practice Makes Perfect

If you are not constantly learning about a subject and building upon an educational foundation, you will probably lose what you have learned. If I do not read sheet music constantly, I am unable to tell what an F is in the bass clef. Just because you learn it does not mean you will necessarily recall it. Practice makes perfect. You must create a routine for yourself involving daily stress of the activity you are teaching yourself.

Tip Four: Invest in the Subjects You Want to Learn

Although, as stated previously, many things are given freely for educational purposes, to further your education, or even start an education, you may have to spend money. There are educational books available as well as independent classes you can take to further your education in any subject. For example, the “For Dummies” franchise teaches knowledge in various subjects, such as “Beginning Programming for Dummies,” and “Algebra 1 for Dummies.”

Tip Five: Take Any Opportunities That Come By

Whenever I am offered a new experience, I take it. The things that you can learn from the experiences can prove to be worthy of your time. A couple years ago, I was offered the opportunity to babysit for the first time under the supervision of someone else. There, I learned how to change my first diaper, feed a baby, and even hold a baby. If I had not ever tried these things before, I would have never realized my passion for childcare.

Self-teaching can prove to be a fantastic experience and may allow you to be proud of yourself for being so independent. Some (introspects) may even learn better from exploring subjects themselves as it is based upon their own interests and is not being forced by anyone. Regardless, the one thing you should not do is give up on yourself. Everyone has to start somewhere – initially, someone took it upon themselves to teach themselves before teaching others the same material.

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