A Look At History: Conspiracy Theories Pt. 1

It’s important to review history so that it does not repeat itself; for carelessness may in fact lead to repetition if left to grow on it’s own. Conspiracy theories are not fragile, but they are for the fragile. Not to say that it is a weakness, but we can look at conspiracy theories and see that humans have created a pattern since the beginning of time – and needless to say, we can deduce that it will continue to be this way.

Conspiracy theories are real, but not necessarily truth! (photo by sebastianbartoschek)

Conspiracy theories are real, but not necessarily truth! (photo by sebastianbartoschek)

What’s more fascinating is not the stories themselves, but rather, what we learn from peoples and history as a result.

As I stated previously, time after time again, Western culture reveals that they are constantly needing reassurance; rather, they can not function in society without. In researching the JFK assassination, we understand that the courts had set in stone that it was Lee Harvey Oswald, who acted alone during the assassination. However, speculation rose when they learned that Oswald was not a skilled shooter, and it would have taken one to have been able to shoot Kennedy from the angle he was at.

I remember watching the video of his assassination as a pre-teen and thinking to myself that it is a feasible story, if true that Oswald got lucky with his shot. It is no wonder that speculation rose when the media and the government left these type of questions unanswered to the mass public. There is unrest in a lack of education. Educate the masses on a subject, leave no room for inquiry, and theories will cease to exist as the world can see validity.

PBS’ Barbie Zelizer makes a great point in this interview, when she says, as quoted, “We’d be better off if we could accept the partiality of that storytelling for what it is, rather than expecting the media to provide one story that is correct.” So why do humans choose to create conspiracy theories to begin with? Well, take New World Order for example. The event has not occurred yet, as some believe that it will. There is no logic behind the theory that our world will become a totalitarian government.

In fact, the conspiracy theorists don’t even know what form it would come in – whether in an apocalyptic sense, or as Generation Y seems to think, the Illuminati. Does it make any sense that these theories exist to begin with? Whomever created them understood that as long as speculation exists and stone hard evidence doesn’t, there will be a theory that people will get behind. Moreover, a conspiracy theory offers easy answers and a safety blanket to those who feel they need it.


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