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Giving your child access to have the desire to learn at a young age may instill in them a level of determination and success as they grow older. Is there not something better you could give your child? However, some children find it difficult if not impossible to learn – occasionally causing a case of learned helplessness. To see someone so young, so full of life, and so adventurous not believe in themselves or their academic abilities is heartbreaking, to say the least. ABCmouse, growing in popularity, offers to ease kids into a learning environment, ultimately teaching them educational subjects as well as teaching them to love learning.

ABCmouse is unlike any other educational program. (photo by MOMMYKOGGIBOO)

ABCmouse is unlike any other educational program. (photo by MOMMYKOGGIBOO)

For the past four years, ABCmouse has received a number of awards, including the 2012 Mom’s Choice Awards Gold and the 2012 Teachers Choice Award. Offering vivid graphics and over four hundred and fifty lessons, it is no wonder that ABCmouse can keep a child’s focus. ABCmouse also divides their website by academic level – if your child, say, was of preschool age, and they were learning at a fast pace, they could easily go to the pre-k age, then to kindergarten. Either way, you will know what level your child is on and can monitor their improvement.

ABCmouse, just as any other established learning website, offers curriculum to follow through a preschool through kindergarten age at a cost – however, if you are unable to pay, don’t fret – there is a thirty day free trial you can use. If you can afford this for your child, it is seventy-nine dollars per year, or seven ninety-five per month.

From reading curriculum involving phonics and upper and lowercase letter recognition, to the math curriculum involving addition, subtraction, shapes, and even more than and less than symbols, the student will enjoy and perhaps grow to love the alphabet and numbers as they grows. Additionally, there are also songs and art that she is able to partake in and listen to for enhanced learning. After all, implementing more than one sense into a lesson helps a child, or anyone for that matter, to grow and learn more easily.

According to squidoo’s review of ABCmouse, a single father states that every other learning program falls short from ABCmouse. The reward system installed where children receive “tickets” for successfully completing activities, as well as the “multi-tiered educational platform” that he, as a parent, has been dreaming of giving to his child. He lists the pros and cons in the following paragraphs, saying that it also encourages computer skills at an early age, which in our age of technology, is of the utmost importance outside of basic education. As for cons, though he could not think of many, he says the site can be very addictive to your child. Perhaps you will have to limit the amount of computer time you give your child – after all, even if you are smart, your brain does not function at its fullest without adequate amounts of sleep and exercise.

Judge for yourself. Try the trial.

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2 comments on “ABC Mouse Review
  1. Kenneth E. David II says:

    I am a graduate student at Oregon State University and for this term we are writing an article on technology in education. I am interested in writing an article on ABC but I am focusing on what if any are the downsides to this type of education. if possible could you send me any information you would have or links to articles related to this issue. Thank you.
    Kenneth E. David II

    • Anna B. says:

      I am a therapist and I am concerned that ABC mouse is a gateway “drug” to video gaming addiction on children. The learning that happens on ABC Mouse is incidental. The kids are excited about the gaming aspect of it.

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