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We can all mask our struggles and brush our failures off with laughter. It is probable that any given student will fall below their “norm” of passing classes. For many, with balancing romance, work, family, and life overall, academics can suffer and fall behind. College is full of distractions after distractions and it may prove to be overwhelming for some students. If, to an extent, a student’s grades suffer, colleges will put said student on something called “academic probation.”

With enough effort, academic probation could be a thing of the past. (photo by Gates Foundation)

Academic probation is put in place when colleges acknowledge that a student is not successful in meeting the passing requirements for said college. Academic probation states that if the grades do not improve, students can not continue to study at the school. They will be asked to leave, formally. According to, most colleges give academic probation for about a semester before they are asked to leave the college. Colleges will do this through letter, usually. For many colleges, the normal grade point average for academic probation is anything below a 2.0.

According to sciencedaily, statistically, if two students of both genders of the same caliber are both put on academic probation during their first year of high school, the male is more likely to drop out than the female is. The article also states that students with greater successes in high school, who are put on academic probation in college, are more discouraged than those who stumbled along in high school as well. This is probably due to the shock that they feel when they are overwhelmed by the realization of their grades. Many students in high school can get away with little to no effort academically. When college rolls around, students are shocked because they have yet to create for themselves an upright work ethic.

If a student is put on academic probation and does not know what to do to bring up their grade point average, here are some links to helpful tools:

Studying tips from distance learning:

To find out if you are nearing risk of academic probation, suspension, or dismissal, here is a calculator for your grade point average.

Another tip is to contact your academic counselor; they have experience in helping students successfully rid themselves of academic probation without having to drop out or be dismissed from their college. You can schedule an appointment if you wish to speak to your counselor.

Remember! Academic probation, though a scary thing, does not mean that you are dismissed from the campus. It simply means you are at risk of it. If you are working hard, overcoming discouragement, and improving your grades, you can successfully reverse the failure. Do not become discouraged, simply, change the way you work to something that does work.

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