Advanced Placement (AP) Courses in High School

Many High Schools in the United States offer Advanced Placement courses (AP courses). If you are a high school student or one’s parent, here are some information to help you learn about AP courses.

There are all kinds of study guides for AP courses. ( Photo by textbookread)

What Are Advanced Placement Courses?

Advanced Placement courses are offered to high school students who are willing to take challenging courses and want to be prepared for college experience. By taking AP courses, students gain college learning skills and have the opportunity to earn college credits if they pass the AP exams in May. Some school districts offer AP courses that are free for students and even pay for their AP exams. Even though students in other school districts do not take AP exams for free, the expense of an AP course is still less than that of a real college course. So you will save a lot of money by taking AP course and passing AP exams to get college credits.

Are AP Courses Too Hard For me?

Many students or parents may worry that they or their children can not handle the AP courses. It is your choice to take it or not. To be honest, AP courses are intensive and challenging. However, the hard work will be awarded. Not only that you would save money and time by passing AP exams, but you would do better in college. Many college students who took AP courses in their high school would feel it easy to pass college courses. If you plan to go to college, why not save some time and money? If you are still unsure if you should take AP courses, go on AP Central website to see the course description or ask your counselor for advice.

What Are Other Benefits of AP Courses Other Than Earning College Credit?

1. Boost Your GPA: AP courses usually are counted much more than regular or honor courses in you grade point average.

2. Make College Application Better: College application may ask all the courses you have taken in your high school career. AP courses will make your application stand out.

3. Learn In College Setting: AP teachers teach using college class setting. You will learn how to solve problems, how to think critically, and how to collaborate. Those learning skills are essential for college.

4. Personal Growth: AP courses may be stressful. Some stress can push you to uncover your potential. You will learn time management and self-discipline, which will benefit your whole life.

Can I Take AP Courses Online?

The answer is YES. If you are a florida student, check Florida Virtual School‘s AP courses. They are free!

How Can I Succeed In AP Courses?

1. Work Hard: Anything is impossible if you work hard.

2. Use Study Guides: There are all kinds of studying materials available. You can search for help online. Or check this post to learn about books that you could buy to prepare for AP exams.

3. Treasure the Time You Have In Class: There is no other time that is better for learning than in class. Paying attention and participating actively in class will definitely make you an excellent AP students!

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