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Just because you’ve worked for the past four years to acquire a college degree doesn’t necessarily mean you will be entitled to a job. The fact is, thousands of other people in your state have graduated with that major, too. So what sets you apart? What makes you the percentile that actually receives the job? The workforce is a competitive place and you need to have a foot forward in order to receive recognition. Unless you received a degree in a field that is in extremely high demand, things will be tough in our economy. While we’re on the subject, here are four growing job markets to think about!

After college, you will want to expand your network! (photo by USACE Europe District)

After college, you will want to expand your network! (photo by USACE Europe District)


To get your foot on the tile, passed the door frame, you may want to partake in an internship. Not only will you receive training and get to observe how the workforce of your choice truly is like, but you may make for yourself a name in a certain company, easing the gap between internship and job. Additionally, internships may be paid – and in fact, pay more than certain minimum wage jobs. If you are interested in looking up internships in your area, a great site to do so is, with listings all across the nation. They even have a job listing section of their website!

Volunteer Efforts

When you volunteer your time and money, you do more than appear charitable. You show that you will go above and beyond what is expected of you – looking good for prospective employers. Volunteering “…expands your professional network…” and “…leadership experience.” From hospitals to volunteering at a fire station, there are opportunities to volunteer everywhere! Some places are always going to be in search of volunteers. If the first two I mentioned don’t do it for you, there’s also libraries to think of, as well as this list of volunteer opportunities.


So let’s say you have your advantage over others, whether it be certifications, internships, volunteer efforts, or whatever – now, you want what you truly desire: a job. Perhaps even a career. There are several sites you can utilize to find jobs and openings in your area. I, for example, am constantly on the search, checking out the listings at my local mall, craigslist posts, and going in person, store-to-store to try to find a job. Another idea to think of is signing up to a site such as linkedin or snagajob. Here, you can find jobs through the listings as well as post your resume and wait for others to contact you!

After college, don’t necessarily expect to have a job in your degree field. That isn’t necessarily what’s going to happen – and if you expect for it to, you may pass up jobs that are actually tangible to you. In my experience, I have seen college graduates wait and wait for jobs in their field – in the meanwhile doing nothing whatsoever.

You didn’t go to college to waste your time away. If there’s anything college should train you for, it’s that a job is a job, no matter if it is pertinent to you or not.

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