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Perhaps this post is a little late; most high school student’s exams ended this past Friday. Perhaps you feel completely confident that you passed all of yours with little to no strain! Perhaps you do not feel confident. Chances are, your initial feeling after your exam (good or bad) is a good indicator of how you did. This is due to the fact that, to put it simply, if you know your stuff, you know your stuff.

Regardless of how you think you did, exam week is over and not worth stressing out about! Most likely, you will not be able to retake your exams and you are stuck with the grades you got. So, what is there to do now? Regardless of if you did well or poorly, you should treat yourself to the hard work and studying that you have done in preparation for exam week.

Here are some things you can do to reward yourself or just become relaxed until classes start up again:

Retail therapy can help you to de-stress after exams! (photo by wearechapterone)

Retail therapy can help you to de-stress after exams! (photo by wearechapterone)

1. Retail Therapy

Besides fitness and all things related to it, retail therapy, or to put it simply, shopping, is one of my favorite “therapies.” Take a significant lump of savings (perhaps you have a swear jar in your home) and spend it on yourself! Pampering yourself is fun, relaxing, and exciting: the perfect way to “de-study” yourself after exams!

2. Throw a Bonfire

Bonfires are fun, relaxing, and filled with community. Since we’re in the colder months, they’re perfect for nighttime get-togethers. Inviting all your friends who suffered through exam week with you, telling them to bring their papers that they don’t need or want, and having a burn-fest (safely) has got to be relaxing. Plus it offers the symbolism of dominating your school work – sometimes, especially for the people who are not sure they did well, it is best to speak good things over their lives, such as this one.

3. Sleep

Because I was able to get out of school early through out exam week, every day I would come home and crash onto my bed. Some of you may not have that luxury. If you need to, take a breath, put a slow, calming playlist on (I recommend post-rock,) and drift into slumber with the sheer knowledge that your exams are over.

4. Hang Out with Your Family

Your family has probably been neglected this past week as you’ve been in your room, reading textbooks, using Quizlet, and finishing any “review packets” that your teachers (and the district) have put together for you. Have a good time with your family; sit down and watch a movie with them, play a board game, cook a dinner for them and then eat together, virtually anything! Your family will appreciate it and so will you.

5. Work Out

As I talked about in the first option listed, fitness is one of my favorite therapies. It can be free and if costly, costs less than psychotherapy! Working out is a stress reliever, gets your heart pumping, and melts away your troubles (and your body fat!) If you’re a fitness junkie, you were probably already planning on doing this, so refer back to one through four for ideas on how to reward yourself!

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