Age Isn’t Anything But A Number

Even though there are valid reasons for assuming that Generation Y will never get anywhere – like the fact that all we do is twerk nowadays – success isn’t determined by age. Yes, Generation Y is just starting out in the real world. But we can do big things. Things that would shock the prior generations. We are severely undervalued and undermined. Here’s the thing though: experience comes from opportunity, not from age.

Generation Y is revered as selfish. (photo by ي - ali)

Generation Y is revered as selfish. (photo by ي – ali)

Some of us already have leadership skills and the mindset that is going to get us places. Look at people like Andrew Carnegie, who essentially went from rags to riches (literally!) It’s a natural disposition to do well. Based on choice. And yes, sometimes opportunity has a big part in that. But if you already have the character that is going to get you places – you’re going to get there if you choose to do so.

Right now, I’ve been thinking a lot about the future. What do I want to be? What will I be happy doing? And the truth is, although some people may know what they are doing with their lives, most people aren’t. We’re still too young to be dead set on anything. But we do dream.

I dream of being an inventor, of starting my own business, being a kindergarten teacher, among other things. And the best thing about it is because of my mental disposition towards nothing but success – I know that I can do anything I want to do. The matter is not “Can I,” but it’s a choice – “What do I want the most?” Or maybe even a, “Why can’t I do all of these things in my lifetime?”

Think about it. Look at all of the college drop out success stories. They were our age too. And now they’re some of the most successful people in regards to career. Who is to say that the interviewer interviewing you is any better because they’re older?

I’m going to quote part of this article by the Elite Daily, because it shows both sides of the spectrum. Something that both youth and older peoples need to understand:

Ironically, as I was discussing this topic recently with a friend in his late twenties, he admitted that he is now faced with the polar opposite. Although he’s still very young, many people now tell him that he’s “too old” to try new things, seek a career change, or make a major life switch. Honestly, it’s confusing for everybody. In their early twenties, Gen-Y’ers are told that they’re too young to make these choices responsibly, yet a few years later, they’re suddenly are deemed “too old,” with no obvious distinction of when things are considered “acceptable.”

What I’m getting at here echoes what my girl Aaliyah so famously belted back in the day: “Age ain’t nothing but a number.” Regardless of which end of the spectrum you may happen to fall on, there is no reason that your perceived experience or professional value should be based off of your age. Let’s be honest, hitting the 30-year milestone isn’t suddenly going to make anybody more experienced, a better employee, or more competitive. Frankly, the assumption that our age has any relation to how successful we will be is completely archaic and rarely stands on much ground.

Fight for the strengths and experience that you know you possess. There is no reason to put up with somebody telling you your goals are too lofty because you are just starting out, or because you have tried something and realized it wasn’t right for you after committing years of your life to that cause.


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