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Review of Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) distance learning can motivate your future planning. The AFIT was founded in 1919 and located on Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio. It is providing specialized education program to officers, US military personnel, and civilian employees at the graduate level.

The University conceives the understanding of the human practical and family life. So, this grate institution has started distance learning program to spread their expertise beyond the campus and on the worldwide platform since March 2007 without moving to Ohio. Two new graduate certificate courses: the certificate in Logistics and Supply Chain Management and Evaluation Certificate Program have been launched by Operational Sciences (AFIT/ENS) department as distance learning program for convenience of the eager students. And these two programs have been started since Winter Quarter 2009. Students can also accomplish their Master’s in System Engineering via distance learning program.

To run with the time, the AFIT’s Civil Engineer and Services School have explored a new combination of distance learning and in-residence material by reintroducing ENG 561 – HVAC Analysis & Design Course. To maintain the high quality education with the in-residence part this distance learning program guide their students through a sequence of readings and homework assignments which is done through 8-week. You can also find a distance learning studio in new Building 646.

The joint engineer community has started Joint Engineer Operations Course (JEOC) which has 32-hr distance learning phase. And also Mathematics diagnostic exam is now using to generate quizzes for distance learning. The University is also going to offer many other courses as their distance learning program or online learning program.

This university is the Air Forces graduate school of engineering and management and also it is the institute for technical professional continuing education which has three resident schools: the Graduate School of Engineering and Management, the School of System and Logistics, and Civil Engineer and Services School. The first one is under the graduate education program and the later two are under the continuing education program. And by these three schools it has manages its educational program among the officers as well as civilians.

The AFIT’s Graduate School of Engineering and Management is offering more than 30 graduate certificate programs in their six departments:
*Aeronautics and Astronautics
*Electrical and Computer Engineering
*Engineering Physics
*Mathematics and Statistics
*Operational Sciences
*Systems and Engineering Management

It also has nominal tuition rates:

*For Residential Students master’s and doctoral programs it is $337 per credit hour for both
*For Distance Learning Students it is $379 per credit hour

In Civil Engineer School they have 37 courses in Engineering Management and 17 courses in Environmental Management. School of System and Logistics has 81 courses for their students.

More than 16,000 graduates and 350 doctor of philosophy degrees have been given since resident degrees were first granted in 1956. This institution has also earned more than 12,000 undergraduate students in the past 20 years, where the Air Force students are attending with civilian students.

Students can find two Air Force level centers, five Graduate School centers where these centers collaborate with each other to solve any kind of difficulties or problems. This institution has many reward history in its past. So if the potential students have a look on this institution they might find their goal fixed.

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