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Alabama State University, founded in 1867, has a long and established history of educational excellence. Created for black students to gain equal opportunities in the post-abolition era, ASU has since grown to feature a student base of over 5000 students in almost every state as well as six countries. Alabama State University offers 47 degree programs, 70 student organizations, its own student-run radio station, and a strong athletics department.

The greater Alabama State University is split into nine nationally-accredited departments on its 172 acre campus in Montgomery, Alabama. Popular majors, including computer science, accounting, business administration and management, business marketing, elementary education, journalism, and office supervision, are coupled with respected professors and a historical learning environment to provide students with one of the greatest college experiences in the country.

Offering 11 masters’, as well as three PhD programs, Alabama State University is dedicated to furthering your college education beyond the standard four year bachelor’s degree if you wish to. Its highly respected microbiology and psychology doctoral degrees provide a jump-start in your post-college job search, and its educational specialist degrees can get you a leg up in the highly competitive field of teaching.

Alabama State University is a strong supporter of the belief that education is a universal right, and maintains very low tuition costs as such. Financial aid is available to those who qualify, and ASU maintains equal opportunity when selecting candidates for financial aid. Paid graduate programs also help to ease the burden of returning to college, and regardless of your age and income level Alabama State University can provide a means for you to afford its services.

Distance education is welcomed at Alabama State University, and its distance learning program can further ease financial concerns by providing a very low-cost alternative to traditional education. The distance learning programs do grant transferable credits, making it a great option if you choose to attend a brick and mortar school at some point in the future.

On top of the low cost and flexibility benefits, Alabama State University’s distance learning students have access to an incredibly generous suite of student services, including academic advising, the student book store, career placement assistance, your own .edu email address, and both physical and online library services. Very advanced in their degree of assistance, ASU caters to its students no matter how you choose to learn.

While some of ASU’s degrees are local-exclusive, the freedom to study when and where you want, on your own time, and attain one of the more popular degrees is a huge draw for most. Not many schools offer what Alabama State University does in terms of distance learning options, benefits, and the quality of material, and for those seeking to advance their career without sacrificing their personal life ASU is one of the best ways to accomplish just that.

Overall, Alabama State University is in many ways one of the best distance learning opportunities in the country. For over 140 years, ASU has been on the frontlines of progressive education, and things are only looking up for students of this wonderful college in the years to come.

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3 comments on “Alabama State University Distance Learning
  1. Livingston Thomas, Jr. says:

    I wish to return to ASU and complete my undergraduate degree in business management and would like to know if this is possible online.

  2. Charity says:

    Do you offer microbiology as a distance learning class?

  3. Maria Garner says:

    I was wanting to graduate from this school but I perfer to further my education from ASU. Can you send me some information about this program. Address is 8111 2nd Ave south Birmingham, AL 35206

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