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Alfred University is nestled in west central New York State, and is a small residential liberal arts college that offers 40 undergraduate majors. According to students, the main attraction to attending school at Alfred is the small campus and sense of community they experience as opposed to larger universities. Additionally, students benefit from smaller classes and personalized attention and direction from professors and instructors.

There are special residency requirements for single students under the age of 23. Students are required to live on campus through their junior year, and this is one of the hallmark traditions of this institution which sets it apart and shapes its identity. In terms of distance learning, there is little that Alfred offers due to the nature of the unique campus based experience found there.

However, the offer a limited amount of individual classes online which follow a hybrid system of both attending class on campus as well as over the internet. They do not offer any particular degree program online, but the combination of a close knit campus experience with the flexibility of attending some classes online is a big attraction to small niche market.

For students who are looking for a small and intimate college experience, then Alfred University is one of the most noted and respected small universities in the country to consider. With room and board reflected in the annual cost of attendance, full time undergraduate students will be paying anywhere from $14,000 to $25,000 per year, depending on residency and the degree program enrolled.

Alfred University is a private institution, but they do receive support from the State of New York for certain programs which is why some rates are lower than others. These include the School of Art and Design, Biomedical Materials Engineering Science, Ceramic Engineering, Glass Engineering Science and Materials Science and Engineering. New York residents can enroll in any of these degree programs for under $15,000 per year, and out of state students are charged a little over $20,000.

Other popular, yet full priced degrees include Education, Biology, Business or Accounting among nearly 40 other options including interdisciplinary studies. Highly respected as a provider of quality education, Alfred’s graduates are prepared to enter their chosen field well equipped to meet the demands of their profession.

With an incoming freshman class of about 500 students, the small and close knit residential campus community is a good option for those who want a quality, intimate and affordable education. Distance learning options are very limited, however many classes are offered in hybrid form which is ideal for students who like a combination of classroom formats.

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