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For those of you who use RSS feeders to link to your blog posts, it may come as a horrid shock to you that in the very near future, Google Reader will be shutting down. I noticed it as I wrote this article: Schmoop: A Review. According to the Huffington Post, the reason for their discontinuing Google Reader is “…to focus readers on Google+.” No matter what unspoken reason they are choosing to discontinue the feeder, RSS isn’t dying much like chivalry hadn’t. There are several alternatives that I will list and discuss below.

Who will feed us now? (photo by HiMY SYeD / photopia)

Who will feed us now? (photo by HiMY SYeD / photopia)

#1. Feedly

Some of the bloggers at the Examiner that I personally know referred me to this RSS feed. They claim that essentially, everything that was on Google Reader has converted to Feedly. According to Feedly, business was slow until Google announced it was going to close Google Reader. Now it’s booming – and it’s no wonder, considering it is a modern take on the formatting, as well as its ability to convert itself into an app if you need to use an RSS feed on the go.

#2. NewsBlur

Similar to Google Reader in interface, but more aesthetically pleasing, NewsBlur was one of the first RSS feeds to gain popularity as Google Reader announced its close. The downfall to NewsBlur? Because it’s gained so much popularity so quickly, free accounts are prohibited. So if you’re looking for a free RSS feed, you have gone to the wrong place – although I am sure once they are able to establish the high demand, they will ease back into allowing free accounts.

#3. Pulse

Pulse, with a magazine-like format, was voted as one of the best news aggregators as according to lifehacker. For example, it takes the most popular links and gives them to you, for easy access to wide-spread information. Another advantage? They allow you to sync your old Google Reader feeds to their system via mobile so that you’ve got your files and folders all nice and pretty. It’s a good marketing scheme to keep the people hooked onto Pulse when Google Reader fails.

#4. Flipboard

Another magazine format – except this one is accessible on your mobile device. This RSS reader tailors to your favorites sources and social news to one place. It’s pretty easy to read, although is not as visually stimulating as that of another reader, such as the ones I have spoken of previously. Nonetheless, Flipboard easily allows you to access their program regardless of whether or not you are on an Android or an iPhone – which is awesome considering these are the two major smartphones!

#5. The Old Reader

Much like NewsBlur, The Old Reader has a better interface and simpler navigation. Other than that, the RSS feeder syncs very well to Google Reader. Let’s say you just can’t see yourself converting to any of the other readers I have listed above. Well, the people who created the Old Reader had the same concept in mind. So they developed a RSS feeder that emulates Google Reader – with what they saw as worthy of improvements. Obviously, you will not need much help adapting and transitioning to Old Reader.

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