Amazing Apps for College Students

For those students involved with higher education, a smart phone or tablet isn’t just an educational tool, it’s a necessity. Classes are more computer oriented than ever before, and a lot of course loads involve some degree of virtual component. Here are a handful of must have apps for college students of any age, to get the most out of your smart device.

Smart devices are an important part of higher education, photo by U.S. Naval War College

Smart devices are an important part of higher education, photo by U.S. Naval War College

Blackboard Mobile Learn – Anyone who has taken on line classes will already be familiar with Blackboard; it’s the program that powers most of the discussion boards for distance learning classes. The app works the same way, turning your phone into a direct line to class notes, discussion postings, and grades.

Dragon Dictation – If you can’t don’t want to type into your phone or tablet, this app will type for you as it takes verbal dictation. Write emails, compose papers, work out your ideas or notes, this app works in over twenty languages.

Dropbox – Well established, fast, and dependable, this app lets you transport all your files, pictures, and text from your phone to the cloud, making it easy to save and transfer your information to any device you want.

 Penultimate – If you like to write by hand, this app is essential. Write with a stylus on the screen, and the app converts your hand written notes to text and saves it. Perfect for organizing messy, but fast handwriting. Not for everyone, but perfect for some. Also, it’s free.

Book Bargain – This app searches major web sites for the best prices on used text books. Just enter the book you need, and the app does the leg work and gives you the information on text books and e-books.

Dictionary – It may seem so antiquated and basic, but we can’t become a society where everyone depends on spell checker. This app gives definitions, pronunciations, and synonyms. Quick, easy, and free.

Kindle – Turn any tablet into an e-reader, and gain access to one of the biggest selections of books (text books, fiction, nonfiction, plus periodicals, essays, and much more) on the internet. Buy, rent, or check out books and stream them to your device, or use the app to order from the web site.

iSource MLA – This app auto checks your papers and writings and corrects them for MLA style. If your professor uses AP style instead, there is also an app for that. Now a writer won’t ever need to worry about losing a grade over a style or format issue, and can focus entirely on the content.

Flash My Brain Flashcards – Use this easy app to create your own digital flash cards. You can add photo or audio to the cards, and customize them as you go. Also, you get access to over a hundred thousand sets of other peoples flash cards.

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