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The potential of the smart phone and tablet is virtually unlimited, because they can run any number of applications, and people are creating more advanced, amazing apps every single day. To get the most out of your phone or tablet as an educational tool, here are a handful of interesting apps to get you started.

Smart phones and tablets are amazing educational tools, photo by sidduz

Smart phones and tablets are amazing educational tools, photo by sidduz

NASA App (grades K through 12) This free astronomy app comes with images, videos, timelines, and history of the space program. Keeps track of upcoming launches and space missions.

Stack the States (grade 1 through 5) This quiz game app strengthens a students knowledge of Unites States geography and social studies. Trivia questions about different states allow the player to collect points and “stack states” to win the game.

Story Kit (grades K through 12, and beyond) This app provides creative templates to allow students to create their own story books. By dragging text and pictures into the app, a student has complete control to make what ever kind of book they want. This is a free app.

The Elements a Visual Exploration (grades 8 through 12) This app intends to bring the period table of elements to life. By tapping and choosing an element, the student is shown examples of that element in use. The student can zoom in or rotate any of the pictures for a better view. Make chemistry fun with this interactive app.

3D Brain (grades 4 through 12) This free biology apps explores in great detail the different parts of the brain. The 3D high definition imaging allows complete 360 panning and viewing of the brain.

Math Girl Addition House (grades K through 3) This app is designed to make math appealing to little girls who may be more interested in fluffy bunnies and flowers than numbers. Eye catching art and bold colors make these addition and subtraction problems engaging for young girls.

Star Walk (all ages) This is possibly the best astronomy app you can get for a tablet, so good it works for any age group. Basically, this app turns your tablet into a planetarium in your hands. Point it at the night sky, and the app recognizes the stars, and gives you more information on everything you are looking at.

Frog Dissection (grades 6 through 12) This app is a fully rendered 3D frog, that can be dissected and examined in minute detail. A robotic voice over steps you through how to dissemble the frog, and you are given all the virtual tools to learn amphibian anatomy inside and out. Other features include a comparison between frog and human anatomy.

Garage Band (grades 2 through 12) This app helps the user with rhythm, counting, and can be a pocket tutor for music class. The user has a large collection of touch instruments that can be recorded individually and edited together in a virtual music studio.

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