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It’s sad but cancer is prominent in our society just as tuberculosis once ran rampant in the streets. Just off of the top of my head, I can name four people who are currently fighting it as best as they can. As I expressed in this past post about ways your school can influence and impact the community, Relay for Life is just one of the many causes that you can partake in to fight against this terrible disease. A greater purpose is being fulfilled when you take part in such a cause. The American Association for Cancer Education, founded in 1947 as the Cancer Coordinators, offers education on cancer and a forum setting to allow “…elimination of the burden of suffering from cancer in the world through education.”

Cancer is a sad reality. (photo by GDS infographics)

Cancer is a sad reality. (photo by GDS infographics)

The aim was to bring educated peoples, ie. doctors and dentists to talk of methods and problems of interest. It is now a place for everyone, from the public member to the medical professionals. There are several communities that manage and support the AACE. The core activities are linked here and are as follows: annual meeting, electronic media, journal of cancer education, and membership being part of the core activities/committees. Categories involved within the support activities/committees are as follows: advisory, bylaws, development, and marketing.

To improve the lives of cancer victims, one would want as much information as they possibly could have. The more knowledge, the closer to a cure for this disease. Because the community of the American Association for Cancer Education is an association that has to run, just as any other, through money, they do accept donations if one would be willing to give to the cause.

There is another side to the cancer education. It is not one of submission but rather peace. It is the spiritual implications of cancer. One of my personal favorite Christian speakers, John Piper, has an book on proclaiming ten points to not waste your cancer. To waste cancer, to some, may sound like an abstract idea. The disease seems to do nothing but harm or hurt – often, making people act as if they have received a death sentence. Instead, the spiritual implication says that cancer can be a way to glorify God. After all, for Christians, God is the ultimate story-teller, and just as quickly as cancer can kill, it can be removed if God be willing.

I, myself, have seen several accounts of people receiving cancer and then an almost mystical, miraculous disappearance. It is a beautiful thing to know that cancer is not necessarily a death sentence. However, whatever it is that makes cancer disappear just as fast as it appears, it is unknown in the scientific world.

This is why it is so important to grow in understanding. There is something out there that is making this go away, whether it be scientific or not.

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