American InterContinental University Distance Learning

Founded in 1970, American InterContinental University Online offers students the opportunity to complete an entire degree program in an online format. This allows students with busy lives the freedom to study anytime, anywhere through the use of the virtual classroom.

The virtual classroom makes lectures available in a multimedia format that allows the user to replay the content as often as needed and includes a glossary of terms used. Students also have the opportunity to participate in discussions with the instructor and with other students via email, online chat, and discussion boards. Students at American InterContinental University need not worry about difficulty in researching a topic or finding materials suited for their classes, as the university offers an online library that gives access to numerous reference articles and periodicals.

Currently the online programs offered for distance learning at AIU are Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Education, Health Care Management, Information Technology, Marketing, and Visual Communications. The university offers associate, bachelor, and master’s level distance learning degrees. Classes are taught by instructors who hold advanced degrees and who are working professionals in the subjects that they teach.

In order to reap the most benefits from the online programs, students should have access to the internet and attend an online orientation prior to beginning their programs. The orientation will provide an overview of the many ways a student pursuing distance learning from the university will receive course information, how to address any concerns, and how to obtain academic assistance if needed.

Presently, close to 80% of the total student body of American InterContinental are distance learners earning 100% of their degree through online learning. Two of the most popular programs are Visual Communications and Criminal Justice. In addition to its online offerings, the university maintains four campuses located in Atlanta Georgia, Houston Texas, London England, and Weston Florida.

American InterContinental University Online maintains an open enrollment policy, making the choice to pursue distance learning easy for busy people. Current tuition prices range from $260 per credit hour for most associate degree programs to $355 per credit hour for most bachelor level studies. Those wishing to pursue a master’s level degree will pay on average $613 per credit hour, with the one exception being the Education Degree priced at $465 per credit hour. Financial aid is available for many students.

American InterContinental University began as a fashion college in Switzerland in 1970 and has since expanded and reorganized to fit the needs of distance learning students. The first American branch of the school opened in 1982 in Los Angeles, California. Today, the university has almost 28,000 students total.

Considering the tremendous benefits of distance learning and the rising cost of higher education, the varied programs offered at American InterContinental University are a great choice for distance learners concerned with academic programs, prestigious faculty, and reasonable prices.

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