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American Public University is a regionally and nationally accredited online learning institution that offers a variety of degree programs in practical and relevant fields.  Unlike many distance learning programs, courses are only offered in online media through virtual classrooms, so the degree is perfect for anyone who has strict time commitments or restricted location.

APU is among the most affordable options for those seeking a distance degree.  As of fall 2010, undergraduate tuition is only $250 a credit hour, while graduate tuition is $300 a credit hour – less expensive than in-state tuition at many public universities.  Most bachelor’s degrees are around 120 credits.  Furthermore, all required reading materials are provided online, so students need not budget for expensive textbooks.  Federal student aid may be applied towards tuition and other costs of the university.

Courses, conducted entirely online, can be scheduled around a student’s schedule.  The courses are offered in 8 week and 16 week modules.  Even examinations are conducted entirely online.  Dedicated students can expect to earn around 36 credits a year, meaning they can gain the degree in a reasonable amount of time.  To further expedite the degree, students can transfer existing college credit.

As of 2010 APU, together with its sister school American Military University, has over 60,000 students.  However, its online environment gives the school a personal feel.  Students are even invited to attend the school’s graduation ceremony, held every year in the Washington, DC area.

APU offers Associates’ degrees, Bachelors’ degrees, Masters’ degrees, and a number of certificate programs.  These programs range from standard liberal arts and sciences degree to practical degrees designed to launch students directly into a career.  The school’s open admission policy, which does not require any test scores, makes the school a very viable option for a wide diversity of potential students.

The Associate’s degree is a two-year degree that requires about 60 credits.  Popular degrees offered include accounting, business administration, computer applications, and paralegal studies.   The Bachelor’s degree, by contrast, is a four-year program with such offerings as Marketing, Homeland Security, Criminal Justice, and Information Technology.  Certificate programs can be earned in 6 – 9 courses and include such practical fields as Information Technology, Intelligence Studies, and Paralegal Studies.

APU, despite not following the traditional university model, boasts strong academic credentials.  It is accredited regionally by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association and nationally by the Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council.  It also boasts strong faculty who have both strong academic credentials from schools like Stanford and Harvard as well as real-world experience in government and the private sector.  For students who need additional academic assistance, a tutoring program is available.

In conclusion, American Public University is an accredited, affordable, and accommodating option for those who want to earn a degree online and on their own schedule.  With a wide variety of degrees and course offerings from top professors, APU offers a great fit for any motivated student.

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