An Education in Entrepreneurship

It has famously been said that the only job you really don’t need a degree for is that of an entrepreneur. Almost any other career you can choose — from the medical field to the legal practice to education, law enforcement, or working in an office – will require some level of formal education. But if you want to follow the path of being a business owner, all you need is savvy, and the knowledge of how to run a business (which is something one learns through experience, not school).

Young entrepreneurs increase their chances of success, photo by EG Focus

Young entrepreneurs increase their chances of success, photo by EG Focus

That said, having a degree can help an entrepreneur, even if it isn’t required. The more knowledge and education you have, combined with real-world skills, can make you a move formidable business owner.

What is an entrepreneur? Well, usually it’s a small business owner. But it can mean a lot more than that – its anyone who takes an idea and acts upon it as a way to make money or build an organization or business. W.B. Gartner defined it as “a person who started a new business where there wasn’t a business before.”

An entrepreneur needs certain qualities more than they need a formal education. Leadership is probably the most important, as a business owner needs a vision for where the business is going, and the ability to keep it going that way. Team-building skills are important, unless you run the business all alone. Management is also a key piece of the puzzle; if you can’t lead your team once you’ve built them, then those team-buildings skills won’t pay off for you. A background in math or accounting could also be a huge asset, because even if you have an accountant, a business owner needs to be able to handle his or her own finances.

Most of these qualities can’t be learned, only earned. And yet, why not learn more about the nuts and bolts of running a business if you can? At school a person can study business, management, accounting, finance, marketing, advertising, and the psychology of team-building, all of which can help an aspiring business owner to greater heights of success.

Here are a few places to start your search for the right on-line business degree program:

Capella University offers an MBA in Entrepreneurship.

Kaplan University offers both an MBA and an MSIT in Entrepreneurship.

University of Phoenix has a Bachelors in Small Business Management.

Grand Canyon University offers a Bachelors of Science in Entrepreneurial Studies.

Walden University has four different on-topic degrees: an MS in Leadership- Entrepreneurship, a Masters of Business Administration- Entrepreneurship, and two different Doctorate level degrees.

Southern New Hampshire University offers three degrees: a Bachelors in Social Entrepreneurship, and MBA, and an International MBA.

Jones International University offers the BABC, the MABC, the BBA, and the MBA in Entrepreneurship.

These are just a handful of the dozens of schools that offer distance learning degrees for the business minded individual.

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