An Example of a Research Paper: Pt. 3

Before you read this article, be sure to read Part one and Part two. Without it, you will not understand much of anything in this article.

Herriman 2

               In turn, Oscar realizes how destructive his life was as well as how it would ultimately end for him; The Picture of Dorian Gray symbolizes his life and the morbid ending, where youth is an illusion and the man’s folly was his own twisted fate, much like his real life. However, with all of the fame and misfortune, the trials and the blisses, Oscar Wilde showcased his thought process and disposition. In his De Profundis, he showcases himself almost as a Christ and the sinner, playing both parts, showing his regular brand of wishy-washiness that aided in his downfall and demise. He justifies his sexual sin with stories in the Bible, making the events lesser acts and downgrading their occurrence as normal as any other. Although understanding grace and forgiveness at a surface level, he uses this knowledge to his advantage, making for himself a more fitting, reputable name for himself while in confines.
The lack of humility that Wilde offers shows that he was not quite ready for a commitment of any sort – thought hungry for a love that would transcend his inconsistency. Dabbling in knowledge but not quite understanding wisdom of Christian theology, Wilde lived most of his life in a passive aggressive state of mind. As shown from his pursuit of the arts, although having been quoted that “all art is quite useless,” (Wilde 4) we are able to see his brash omission without commission. Nonetheless, he sought love from a wife, affairs, himself, and a God. What an ironic story that a logistic thinker, so profound in thought, would be so emotionally driven that he would risk everything to find some sort of inner joy and happiness. That he would give his life up for the prospect of love, masked by fun and foolishness.
Oscar Wilde’s life was very much so an extremity that is hard to comprehend for the average person. If we could pick his brain, to see his true intention and not what he masked, would we be so inclined to be so rash and extreme as well? In all that we do, we are all trying to find our own way. It is not a new concept to wish for greater purpose or understanding; instead, it is a new concept that we are to release our inhibitions and do as we please to receive what we believe will be a tailored brand of salvation. Oscar Wilde broke his heart, among other’s hearts, in his endeavors for deeper understanding.

Now you are able to see the fluidity in entirety of my research paper. Your research paper should be fluid, interesting, and must use several resources to prove your point – whatever your point may be. Stay tuned for an article on how to cite and create a Works Cited page.

A dramatist whose life was nothing short of dramatic. (photo by Tiseb)

A dramatist whose life was nothing short of dramatic. (photo by Tiseb)

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