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Anderson University (AU) is a Christian liberal arts post-secondary school offering hands-on learning within the context of academic and Christian discovery. Located in central Indiana, about 30 minutes from Indianapolis, Anderson’s scenic campus offers a variety of services to students and the community. Sponsored by the Church of God, AU’s mission, programs, and campus life are all shaped around three basic traditions: bible, church, and liberal arts.

Some of the services offered on campus include campus ministries, health services, dining services, counseling services, a mail center, intramurals, social clubs, fine arts, and more. These opportunities are intended to strengthen friendships among students and to foster personal growth in every way.

AU features several different academic programs. Liberal arts degrees are available in common subjects (primary majors) such as chemistry, physics, math, history, etc. Also available are degrees like Bible and Religion, Biblical Studies, Church Music, Dance Business, Exercise Science, Information Systems, Visual Communication Design, and others. Minors are also offered in most of these fields.

Anderson also offers students complementary majors. A complementary major is intended to enhance a primary major and may not stand alone to fulfill graduation requirements. These majors include a group of related courses of 26-54 academic hours that can be completed with a primary major.

Teaching majors are also available at Anderson through its School of Education. A teaching major is a grouping of 36-62 academic hours, sometimes in more than one department, for the purposes of specialization and teacher certification.

Anderson University provides graduate level programs in several fields. The AU School of Theology offers a Master of Divinity, Master of Theological Studies, Online Master of Arts in Christian Ministry, Master of Arts in Intercultural Service, and Doctor of Ministry. Master and Doctoral programs are also available in the Falls School of Business. Other Master’s degrees are offered at the AU School of Education, School of Nursing, and School of Music.

The Online Master of Arts in Christian Ministry is a 48-hour degree offered primarily via distance learning. However, there is an on-campus component of each course, requiring 10 hours of face-to-face interaction with the professor and other members of the class. This degree offers four specializations: Pastoral ministry, Student Ministry, Church Planting, and Christian Worship.
At the undergraduate level, online degrees are available in Organizational Leadership and Christian Leadership. Courses in these degree programs are accelerated, only 5 to 7 weeks in length and allow students to complete each week of course work as it is convenient.

At Anderson University, students’ financial needs are given great consideration. The Matching Church Scholarship Program matches up to $1,500 of a scholarship awarded to a student by a local church. School of Theology students also benefit from a reduced-fee structure and special scholarships for Church of God students.

Anderson University offers a rich collection of academic programs both in the areas of Christianity and liberal arts. The student community benefits from the various on-campus programs offered to promote personal growth physically, mentally, and spiritually. Three online degrees are offered by AU, Online Master of Arts in Christian Ministry, B.A. in Organizational Leadership, and a B.A. in Christian Leadership. Established and sustained within the free and open traditions of the Church of God, Anderson University educates for a life of faith and service in the church and society.

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