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Andrew Jackson University (AJU) was founded by Robert Norris, in 1994. It prides itself on offering accessible and affordable education with a motto of “We deliver quality education to your doorstep.” This institution became accredited in 1998 and now boasts eleven degree programs.

At Andrew Jackson University, education is completely mobile. It truly can be taken anywhere. Career Certificates and accredited online degree programs provide the flexibility you need to complete your degree with tuition that won’t break the bank.

The colleges at AJU are: The College of Entrepreneurship, The College of Communication, The College of Business, and the Jeffrey D. Rubenstein College of Criminal Justice and Public Safety. Some of the degrees offered at AJU are Associate, Bachelor, and Master of Science in Criminal Justice and Business Administration, an Associate and Bachelor of Arts in Communication, and a Bachelor, Master and Career Certificate in Entrepreneurship.

These schools and degree programs are offered via distance learning courses which are 100% online. However, AJU also believes in a strong community to really get the most out of your college experience. With the CAMPUS system on the main University website, students can network with one another through AJU partner, Pupilcity, access their classes, learn tips about being successful, and much more. Also, for students’ convenience, a University YouTube Channel, Facebook Page, Student Answer Center, and the AJU School Store are all accessible through CAMPUS.

As an online school, Andrew Jackson University requires some technical specifications to ensure students are successful in completing their online program such as: a reliable computer running Windows XP, Vista, or Mac OS X (or higher), a webcam (AJU can assist you in purchasing a webcam if you do not have one), headphones, a PC microphone, high-speed internet connection, a web browser with Adobe Flash Player installed, and the ability to allow remote connections to the computer on which students will take exams. AJU staff is available to offer any technical assistance that students may need.

Andrew Jackson University Faculty members are experienced professionals with advanced academic credentials. They are available to students via email within online classrooms to answer questions and provide helpful feedback. From admissions representatives to the registrar and student service coordinator, the AJU staff care about students and try to satisfy the unique needs of each individual. Few colleges can claim the high level of student satisfaction experienced by AJU students.

Most students who attend AJU are working while going to school. Some work full-time jobs, are involved in their communities, and have families and friends who count on them every day. AJU believes it is important to embrace your peers as integral parts of your education. Building relationships through the CAMPUS network is invaluable as students from around the world share ideas that shape the future of the community. Resources such as CAMPUS are available at all times. Students can log into courses at any time, from any place and are free to work at their pace.

Andrew Jackson University delivers high quality education at a reasonable cost to students who will enjoy the freedoms of distance learning degrees. Its goal is to meet students’ needs by offering the right programs taught by the right faculty at the right price. AJU strives to promote critical thinking and creative skills to bring out the best in each student while allowing students to set their own pace and “take education anywhere”.

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