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Angelo State University delivers undergraduate and graduate programs in the liberal arts, sciences, and professional disciplines. With a focus on teaching, research, creative endeavor, service, and co-curricular experiences, ASU prepares students to be responsible citizens and to have productive careers.

ASU was founded in 1928 and is currently headed by President Dr. Joseph C. Rallo. It is a member of the Texas Tech University System located in San Angelo, Texas upon a 268 acre campus. About 75% of the 6,800 students receive some form of financial aid towards one of nearly 100 offered majors.

ASU offers several Distance Learning degree programs such as Principal and Superintendent Certifications, Master’s programs in Nursing, Psychology, Education, and Art. Additionally, the Bachelor of Cultural Competence and Security Studies is meant to increase students’ language and cultural competency across a wide operational spectrum and is available to students who are currently in the Air Force. Students must have completed their Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree from the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) in order to be admitted to the program.

The same requirements exist for the Bachelor of Cultural Fluency and Security Studies. However, for this degree, students must also demonstrate language proficiency in a language other than English by scoring a 2+ on the Interagency Language Roundtable (ILR) scale on the Foreign Service Institute (*FSI) exam or Deference Language Proficiency Test (DPLT). Students may satisfy language proficiency in other ways as approved by the ASU Department of Modern Languages.

Traditional degrees offered at ASU include 45 undergraduate programs, 27 Master’s, one Doctorate, and one associate degree program in Nursing. Some of the undergraduate degrees are Art, Communication, Mass Media, Sociology, Accounting, and other common liberal arts subjects such as math and history.

Additionally, ASU offers teaching certifications at the Elementary, Middle, and Secondary school levels. Pre-professional programs are also offered in areas such as Engineering, Dentistry, Law, Medicine, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, etc. Physical Therapy is the Doctorate program currently offered at ASU. The remaining graduate programs award Master’s degrees and include Professional Accountancy, MBA, Nursing, Psychology, Communication, and more.

The Center for Student Involvement seeks to provide the students of Angelo State University with opportunities to expand their ASU education outside the classroom. From leadership programs to membership in one of 106-plus student organizations to just attending fun events, the programs sponsored by the components of this office have something for every student attending Angelo State.

Angelo encourages its students to live the complete college experience through a variety of student development support services, such as judicial, disability, social development, Greek Life, student organizations, Rambunctious Weekend and leadership development. These activities and others are coordinated by the Student Life Office.

Angelo State University provides programs and services designed to enhance the educational experience of students during their college years and beyond. Student Life supports and implements services to foster the holistic development of students. It encourages positive and realistic self-appraisal, intellectual development, and appropriate personal and occupational choices.

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