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Do you need more financial help for college or university? Have you already been evaluated for financial aid through programs like FAFSA? It seems that every body, even the wealthiest of people, need help with paying for college. Frankly, for many people, the help they receive simply is not enough for them.  For example, I was offered a sum of more than 11,000 per year at a university that would cost 35,000 per year of tuition. I, unfortunately, had to turn down the university. However, there may be hope for you! You may be able to be re-evaluated through a financial aid appeal. Here, we are going to be reviewing the steps to go through financial aid appeal, as well as what kind of circumstances are acceptable to be re-evaluated.

A financial aid appeal may be just what you need to receive more money from colleges! (photo by MSU Federal Credit Union)

A financial aid appeal may be just what you need to receive more money from colleges! (photo by MSU Federal Credit Union)

Not just anyone can go through the process of financial aid appeals. The people who are able to be re-evaluated have special conditions that cause them to need more financial aid. According to collegemadesimple, financial aid appeals are made through letters to the college of your admission. Consideration is given to students who have had a change in income, have recently been through a natural disaster, have high medical costs, and whether the student is independent or dependent. Students who have lost money for school as a result of poor performance in college are also able to go through this process.

The fact is that financial aid letters are undermined methods that usually prove to be successful methods of receiving more money towards your education. As Yahoo! voices suggest, a successful financial aid appeal letter persuades the financial aid administrators to give you a second chance. The letter should be brief, polite, formal, and humble. Financial aid administrators do not want to read two pages of a desperate plea to receive or earn back financial aid assistance. Instead, they want you to prove that you are worth the money invested. Often, if you are honest that you are worthwhile, you won’t need to write more than a couple paragraphs anyway. You will be able to say everything that you need to say in an appropriate length.

Families will want to appeal to financial aid because their expected family contribution may lower substantially. If that is the case, a huge burden is taken off of the shoulders of families as they are able to provide their child with a higher education without breaking their wallets, retirement funds, or savings funds.

As I stated in my last post, Following Due Dates, you will want to keep the deadlines fresh in your mind! Writing the dates in a wall calendar specified for school may prove to be a good choice for you. Yes, colleges have deadlines for financial aid appeals. You will lose out on money if you do not take the schedule seriously.

So to sum up how writing a financial aid appeal letter, you should follow these three steps, as offered by howstuffworks:

  • Use the proper format of correct grammar
  • Allow for a persuasive case – without, they may discard your letter without second thought!
  • Prove yourself with further documentation upon their questioning of your validity.
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