April is National STDs Education Month

In a past article, I reviewed an event entitled Sex Week(end) at Yale – exploring the concepts of sexuality, going as far as speaking on bestiality. Now, it is April, and it is National STDs Awareness month. Who doesn’t need more STD awareness? Sex is a natural part of life, but has consequences that all need to be aware of. Especially considering that according to the CDC, as linked here, twenty million new Sexually Transmitted Diseases occur every year. Not to mention that half of those Sexually Transmitted Diseases are among youth – majority being of high school and college age.

Think before sex is "in progress." (photo by je@n)

Think before sex is “in progress.” (photo by je@n)

In the past generations, the main thing that kids worried about was getting pregnant and/or impregnating someone. Now, although there is still much pressure on getting pregnant, there (should be) an equal worry for sexually transmitted diseases. Here is the CDC’s STD Brochures – in case you want to know about topics such as Pregnancy and STDs, as well as specific sexually transmitted diseases, such as Chlamydia.

But who’s to say that the government is the only source of STD information out there? Sexologists, or sex experts also know a bit about sexually transmitted diseases. They, just like everyone else, do not want you to get them nor spread them around. On Cosmopolitan, one of the more famous and most read magazines for women in which sexologists are able to write articles – there is a section dedicated to matters of sex and love. Within that category, is a compilation of STD information entitled, “STDs: Everything You Need To Know.” From “Young People Are More Likely to Get an STD Than a College Degree,” to “The Unnecessary Test Your Gyno May Be Giving You,” you’ll find some handy information here.

Because undoubtedly, everyone knows that the age group of fifteen to around twenty-four is the red flag era, big time teen and adult entertainment programs, such as MTV and as I stated in the paragraph previously, Cosmopolitan, offer to use their influence on teens and adults to help them have sex in a safe and controlled manner. MTV has created a website called itsyoursexlife.com to do just that. GYT – which is linked here – stands for Get Yourself Tested. They claim that the only way to know for sure if you are infected is to get yourself tested. Understandable, and with good reason, you should.

If you don’t, you risk being uncertain about your health and may in fact pass on diseases to loved ones – or perhaps even strangers depending on your disposition to sex and sexual encounters. You risk your health. To be so young and naive, to fall in love and give your all to someone who you aren’t sure is tested is, in fact dangerous. And yes – I understand, dangerous is fun. To live wild and free without inhibition is fun. And it is hard for children to think in a responsible way, especially in the heat of the moment. Just be careful, for there is too much to risk.

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